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That was a “damned fraud

That was a

A 47-year-old businessman had to travel a long way from lubeck on the baltic coast to stand trial on wednesday at the district court in habfurt on a charge of rent evasion. In october of last year, the master craftsman had business in the region and rented a room in a pension in the main valley for several days with two employees. He promised the landlady that he would pay the full price of 450 euros in cash on the day of departure. But he did not.

The door to the four-bed room was open, and there was no sign of the workmen, the 82-year-old landlady told the court. Her daughter, who was visiting from dusseldorf, advised her to file a complaint, since the missing amount of 450 euros was obviously not a small matter.

The defendant had given his name, address and telephone number when he ordered the room. When he received the notice, his wife promptly paid the outstanding amount, and the landlord withdrew the notice. But that did not end the matter. Since fraud is a so-called "official offense," the client had never intended to commit it the public prosecutor's office upheld the criminal order.

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Experts warn of easter traffic jams – a7 closed near hamburg

experts warn of easter traffic jams - a7 closed near hamburg

Cars were backed up for kilometers in front of the closed section of the A7 on saturday. Even on the alternative routes, progress was slow. The reason was work on a bridge to create additional lanes. On sunday, the situation returned to normal, according to the police.

Easter travelers must be prepared for heavy traffic and congestion on the highways. Especially on the A8 and A5 in the southwest, vacationers, excursionists and commuters could drive into the traffic jam trap before the holidays: "grundonnerstag-nachmittag wird die holle los sein," predicted a spokesman for the traffic warning service baden-wurttemberg. In lower saxony and bremen, the easter vacations began this weekend. Traffic was allowed to really get going a week later (from 30./31. March), when school is out almost everywhere in germany.

The traffic expert expects "traffic jams from all directions" before the easter holidays on the A8 near stuttgart-leonberg, at stuttgart airport and at the walldorf interchange, where the A5 and A6 meet. Slow progress was also made for motorists on the A96 memmingen-lindau, the route from allgau to lake constance. "There will be a lot of traffic around lake constance – if the weather is right," estimates the stuttgart expert.

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“Poetry of the sea”: around the world with holland’s painters

A man wearing a mouth guard stands in front of a crude painting of sailing ships in front of exotic rocky coastline. It is almost a symbolic scene in this corona summer. Wanderlust is raw, but travel opportunities are limited. In an exhibition at the wallraf-richartz museum, one can now at least dream of going away.

The show "poetry of the sea" from ascension day (21. May) until the 11. April next year brings together more than 20 works by dutch marine painters such as hendrick corneliszoon vroom, jan porcellis, jan van goyen and salomon van ruysdael.

The water here sometimes looks like a grooved tablecloth. On it the high-towered wooden ships sway in the dunung. For the first time, every detail is depicted: gunports, rigging, stern mirrors, flags and pennants. Sometimes the ships lie with reefed sails in the backlight, almost like a silhouette.

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Retrospect2015: “sofi” enraptured europeans

retrospect2015: 'sofi' enraptured europeans

It was the celestial spectacle of the year: millions of europeans turned out for the start of spring on the 20th. March 2015 marveling at the solar eclipse.

The cosmic shadow play, in which the moon temporarily moved in front of the sun, had the character of an event in many places. In mostly fair weather, numerous "sofi" fans crowded many observatories and technical museums, others enjoyed the show from their picnic blankets. Some careless people who had watched the spectacle without suitable glasses despite numerous warnings, however, ended up at the ophthalmologist’s office.

On google, "solar eclipse" was even the search term of the year 2015 in germany. Requests for the natural event increased most strongly. This was somewhat surprising for the very eventful year 2015, said google spokesman ralf bremer.

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