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Series of bombs at em host ukraine

Series of bombs at em host ukraine

According to the interior ministry in kiev, at least 29 people were injured, including 10 children. Five of the victims were seriously injured. The prosecutor's office called it a terrorist attack. However, the european football union UEFA and the local authorities still believe that security for the european championships is assured. However, the foreign office changed its travel advice and advised "special caution" in the country.

Ukraine has been hit by the 8. June an together with poland host of the european soccer championship. The government in kiev is under international pressure over its handling of opposition members. In particular, the treatment of timoshenko, who was convicted of abuse of office and suffering from a slipped disc, has triggered storms of protest.

A series of attacks like the one in dnepropetrovsk has not been seen in ukraine in recent years. First, an explosive device hidden in a trash can exploded at a tram stop. Shortly thereafter, police said, at least three more explosions occurred, including at the train station and near the opera house of the city of 1.1 million people. Eyewitnesses reported panic and tumultuous scenes on the internet. The mobile radio network of the fourth largest city in ukraine temporarily collapsed.

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Hull team sells itself well against leaders

The women's volleyball team of VG bamberg II (8) suffered an expected 3-0 defeat.), the veinal volleys II, against the top of the bayernliga north, VC katzwang-schwabach, in the hall at the georgendamm must accept. Due to injuries and other reasons, the squad was reduced to nine players from bamberg, all of whom were highly motivated. The team of coach alfred bayer wanted to show a high level of concentration, have fun playing and fight for every ball.
These intentions showed the veinal volleys throughout. The attacking VC katzwang-schwabach showed a consistently good performance. This did not make it easy for the bambergers. Nevertheless, the VG "second" made it the opponent with targeted attacks, strong attacks and a fighting defensive performance heavy. This resulted in long rallies and an exciting game.
Serves by anna wockel brought a four-point lead. But then katzwang-schwabach also found into the game and equalized. The guest built up a constant lead of at least four points through strong attacks, especially via middle blocker verena huttinger. The first set ended with a 25:20 for the VC.
The second round was similar. Katzwang-schwabach was always slightly ahead. Bamberg came as close as 16:17. Forward anna wockel used her attackers skilfully. The VC then increased the pressure and ended the set with another 25:20.
At the beginning of the third set, the injury of carolin reinke caused a shock. Valerie stauffenberg came as a replacement. The bayer-schutzlings were briefly unsettled, so that the VC was able to take a 10:2 lead. VG bamberg II regained its composure, but could not make up the large deficit (18:25). Despite the renewed defeat, the bamberg women are satisfied with their performance. Carolin reinke is now expected to recover and play until the home game against hammelburg on sunday, 25. February, at 12.30 o'clock at the georgendamm be ready for action again.

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Hammelburg’s fabulous wave riders

Hammelburg's fabulous wave riders

Alpenvolleys haching II – hammelburg volleys 2:3 (25:19, 25:22, 21:25, 16:25, 13:15). The team from saalestadt rides the wave of success and does not let itself be thrown off balance even by temporary setbacks. The hammelburg team remains unbeaten after its sixth matchday – and that after a 0:2 deficit at the upper bavarians, who with 17 points from nine games are one of the better teams of the 2. League may be counted. The volleys fans were able to follow their team’s game via livestream on their laptops and smartphones at home. Head coach cornel closca trusted the starting six from the leipzig game: laurentiu vinatoru started in the attack, while janick sill replaced the injured luca dierks in the middle block. But the saalemannen did not want to get going, too inaccurate especially the first ball, correspondingly disjointed the offensive play. Haching, meanwhile, did its homework in attack. With the volleys, especially the previous ease became a missing case.

Catastrophic service rate

In the second set, too, there was a high level of communication among the guests. The countless service errors, which made it impossible for the haching team to equalize the set, caused head-scratching on the home screens.

In the third set coach closca turned the personnel carousel, brought in the young hannes krochmann for veteran vinatoru and the even younger david baden, the day before still with the second team in the district league to net, for kapitan oscar benner on the diagonal. The desired impetus was initially absent, haching continued to build on what had been shown so far and remained tone-setting. At 16:11 for the home team, there was nothing to suggest that hammelburg would suddenly flip the switch and be wide awake in all parts of the team from then on. After a three-point and a five-point series, the scoreboard showed a hammelburg lead for the first time at 20:19. A double change at 21:21 and a strong fighting performance ensured the surprising connection.

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Severe penalties after revolver scandal in greek fubball

severe penalties after revolver scandal in greek fubball

Savvidis fined 100,000 euros and banned from entering football stadiums for three years following the abandonment of saloniki’s top match against AEK athens, state radio ERA-sport reported. The club will be deducted three points in the current season. In addition, paok must start the new season with a minus of two points.

Paok’s gap to leaders athens grows to five this season after points deduction, club slips to third in table. The sporting director of paok, michel lubos, will also have to pay 15 000 euros and will not be allowed to enter football stadium for 90 days. Paok has to play the next three home games in front of empty stands and pay a fine of 63 00 euros for the riots that led to the abandonment of the game against AEK.

The match was abandoned after savvidis walked onto the field with a revolver strapped to his belt in protest of an offside call. There had also been riots and violence on other matchdays. The world federation FIFA had demanded hard measures from the greek football federation and the state. Otherwise, greeks face exclusion from all international competitions.

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