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“Archive of the future”: prefer natural pastures to abstract metal skeletons?

To the article "that there at the market place" from 6. November we received the following reader's opinion: THE DA at the market place …Yes, one can really argue about it. Is this art or can it go away? A glass house with metallic willows as a view or sun protection? Directly in front of the city hall? In the middle of a mature old town, for which at some point a "design and preservation statute for the historic core of lichtenfels" was even envisioned has thought up, in order not to disfigure these? The city of lichtenfels was thrilled by anyone who wanted to fill the ever-increasing vacancies in the city and in the countryside with new life.

Visions can not hurt and it is completely irrelevant whether they are from professionals (professors), day-dreamers (visionaries) or the "simple" burger created, formulated and ideally (allowed to be) realized. Whether an "archive of the future" can become the hoped-for magnet for attraction because of its architecture or the topics to be dealt with is still in the stars. On the part of the city everything possible and even impossible was done to be able to realize this project. The bylaws, which actually form the old core of the "pearl on the upper main", are still in force was to protect the girls, was adapted to the submitted building application completely unbureaucratically and on very short notice. This may make many a builder bright-eyed, breathe a sigh of relief and hope! One can always argue about the sense and nonsense of regulations, statutes and laws.

A short time ago, the city council was still discussing a "green house number" highly controversial discussion. What else can, may or would one like to expect from prospective builders or owners?? More green, more domestic products, more sustainability, more compensation areas, or should the common sense of the individual ultimately be allowed to decide what is important to him or her personally?? How much "green is actually in the "archive of the future? Would this object and the wicker city be better served by native willows than abstract metal skeletons from austria??

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Bad kissingen experts warn: danger from bark beetle particularly high this year

The weather still shows its wintry side with cold nights and cool temperatures even during the day. Therefore, the bark beetle still remains in its winter dormancy, either under the bark of infested spruce trees, or in the ground in the litter layer. But already in march the first warm days can occur. At daytime temperatures above 15 degrees, the bark beetle begins to develop a new generation. The first swarm flight can be expected from the middle to the end of april.

"There is little we can do about the grapes in the ground. Affected trees, on the other hand, can be. Must be taken quickly by the forest owner", according to bernhard zurner of the amt fur ernahrung landwirtschaft und forsten in bad kissingen. Already in the months of november and december, forest owners were contacted in whose forests infested spruce trees were discovered. You have been asked to remove these spruces by the end of february 2019. If the forest owner did not take on this work himself, this was not always possible due to a lack of entrepreneurial capacity.

"If the infested spruces are still in the forest, we are running out of time", zurner continues. Every effort must be made to remove these trees immediately and to reprocess them. Possible storage sites for infested wood may only be selected at a sufficient distance from other spruce stands – i.E. At least 500 meters apart. Crown material is best to chop. This is the only way to minimize the pressure of the infestation in spring.

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“Bilka” demolition: rubble fills 1000 trucks

Now it goes to the "bilka to the collar. For a few days now, the monstrous hydraulic tongs of a 50-ton tracked excavator have been eating their way through the concrete colossus. The mountain of rubble that will remain is gigantic. Around 1,000 trucks have to arrive to transport the 25,000 to 30,0000 tons of concrete and about 800 tons of construction steel away from the site. Mayor ingo lehmann (SPD) asks residents to understand that they will have to put up with a little more noise and dirt in the near future. "We have to put up with this so that we can improve the area. But by december everything will be over." The demolition work is even expected to be completed by september. The company erd- und tiefbau gmbh from ebersbach near oelsnitz in the vogtland region is responsible for the reconstruction work. Two workers are currently at work, one controlling the huge excavator, the other spraying water on the concrete parts in order to minimize dust and pollution for residents.

Dangerous fixtures

In the first step, the company ISIK from melle (lower saxony) has freed the building shell of all installations. This also includes asbestos-containing building materials such as facade or ceiling cladding, toxic sealants in the floor and ceiling areas, and fumes whose finest components are harmful to the lungs.

Klaus-hermann hofmann from the engineering firm geoconsult nordbayern hopes to be able to recycle the bulk of the concrete rubble and not have to dispose of it in a landfill site. "We have to sample the rubble. Then we will see if it can be reused", says the former WGK city councillor.

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Rover “perseverance” takes second sample from mars rock

Rover 'perseverance' takes second sample from mars rock

The rover "perseverance" has taken a second sample from mars-rock – and has already carried out first examinations on the two samples. The rock consists of basalt and may have been formed during lava outpourings, according to the U.S. Space agency nasa.

In addition, salt minerals were discovered in the rock, which could indicate that water may have been present in this area of the planet for a long period of time – and thus that life may have been possible.

Last weekend, nasa announced that the rover had taken its first sample of mars rock and stowed it away safely. The second drilling took place a few days later. A first drilling attempt had failed in august because the rock was not solid enough and could not be filled into the sample tube. The now successfully removed and stowed sample, which is only slightly thicker than a pencil, is to be sent to earth and examined – exactly how and when is still being planned.

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Backnang fire disaster: technical defect probable

backnang fire disaster: technical defect probable

Nevertheless, according to the police, investigations are continuing in all directions. According to a spokesman, the focus is on the electrical system in the dilapidated building. German chancellor angela merkel (CDU) reacted with dismay to the devastating fire.

A 40-year-old mother, six of her sons and a daughter died in the fire on sunday morning. The dead children were between 6 months and 17 years old. Three family members rescued.

Turkish president abdullah gul called for a full investigation into the fire disaster. "Unfortunately, in the past there were fires, arsons, murders of our burgers. That is why we are examining all the possibilities," said gul on monday, according to turkish media. "To say anything now would not be right," gul said at a time when the investigators’ statement on the suspected technical defect was not yet known. Turkey will get to the bottom of the matter.

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Shell of geutenreuth fire station completed after three months

The special thing about the geu tenreuth fire station construction is that the members did more than just their duty. The firefighters and the "craftsmen"", on which the carpenter raised the glass in each case are almost identical; which is already evident from the approximately 1,600 hours of work performed so far, which scribe alexander hofmann has noted down. This time sheet does not even include the time that second chairman markus herold, who was responsible for the entire planning, spent at the computer. Or the one for the static calculation that member ralf motschenbacher made for the coburg engineering firm knornschild.
Weismain’s second mayor, gabi huber, announced that the upper franconia government approved a grant of 46,500 euros within just twelve days of the application being submitted. After deduction of all own contributions, a construction sum of 99,000 euros is assumed. After the drafty structural work, the fire department wants to take a more leisurely approach. Although completion is planned for spring 2013, the fire station will not be inaugurated until the town firemen’s day, which is to be held in the village in 2014.

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Fools storm the mitwitz town hall

Fools storm the Mitwitz town hall

The countdown is on. A whole town is on its feet at 11 o'clock sharp.11 o'clock the carnival gebuhrend to ring in. The time has come. On the minute exactly the first bonbons fly. Music typical of carnival sounds on the streets in front of the town hall – and with the music the starting signal is given for an extraordinary guard.
Sturdy ladies in dance marionette costumes are to welcome the carnival in mitwitz. To "brenna duats guat", "heidi" and the like, they let their skirts swing and throw their legs – not quite as gracefully as real girls – but nevertheless considerably into the air.

Since october
"We've been practicing since the beginning of october" betrayal heinz reisenweber, second chairman of the gymnastics club leutendorf-horb. For the short rehearsal time the choreography can be seen. Even lifting figures and elegant hoof swings are not neglected. It is also thanks to the gymnastics club that the town hall has been open for the last two years on the 11th of december. November is stormed.

The fools and jesters do not let themselves be told twice on this sunday afternoon. With the battle cry H.O.R.B horber ole the town hall is taken, knowing well to find the mayor in the town hall, sitting on a decorated throne, to banish him for the next months from his chief chair.

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