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At home it is best for beer

At home it is best for beer

For SV sickershausen and its coach thomas beer, it’s the last chance in the title fight: if the summit meeting in the A-class with DJK effeldorf is lost, the championship is decided and sickershausen will be second at most. However, beer does not like to talk about rough pressure. "It’s an end game. But in the worst case, all is not yet lost. We can still achieve relegation under our own steam."

The 40-year-old, who has experienced several promotions and relegations in his ten years and six positions as player-coach, is admittedly a little tense. That is normal as a footballer, he says. For him, it was certainly a special feeling to drive his hometown club into the district league of all places. Last summer he returned after several years away from home. "You have ambition everywhere, but at your home club it’s something else," he says.

Concerns that "the acceptance might not be there," as he says, were quickly dispelled. "I am not the authoritarian coach, I never was."In the weeks that followed, beer avoided playing the tough guy in training. Looseness and spab had recently paid more for him than overly wet-behaved appearances as a whip. This method seems to have borne fruit – he describes the mood of his team at this week’s practice sessions as "very good. We had 26 men at training."

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Kehlbach celebrates its church fair

It was fantastic! Although rain was forecast, the sun was shining – and the people of kehlbach were happy about it. For the first time in years, the kirchweih boys and girls were able to move back into the plan on sunday after the kirchweih parade, dressed in their traditional costumes, and shake a leg with the people of kehlbach. The kehlbach music society provided the musical accompaniment.

Among the guests was mayor thomas loffler (CSU). He thanked the eight carnival couples and six waiters for their commitment to their home community. It is remarkable that in such a small community the customs are revived every year.

There was already a lot of dancing on saturday in the cultural hall. The "duel of the carousers" caused much amusement. Among other things, it was a question of who could hop through the hall the fastest with a sack.

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Flower bulbs – when to plant and what to look for

Flower bulbs - when to plant and what to look for

Planting time bulbs
Every year the same game: august comes to an end and with it the planting time for bulbs begins, so that they are ready for the next year. Whether they are dahlias, hyacinths, crocuses, leeks, lilies, daffodils, chocolate flowers, tulips, snowdrops or winter bulbs does not matter.

In order to get bulbs with beautiful bloom colors, it is advisable to take care of the desired bulbs in time and not to the last printer. A good and inexpensive alternative to the garden center offers the online shipping of flower bulbs.

In addition to a good price comparison of the different stores can naturally look at all the flower colors of the bulbs and choose according to your own taste for a modern garden design. Shipping is easy and quick, and the bulbs are well packaged so that they arrive safely to the recipient

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Durrenmatt’s “the physicists” at the spa theater of bad kissingen

Durrenmatt's 'the physicists' at the spa theater of bad kissingen

The destructive power of man-made atomic bombs, after the dropping of the bomb on hiroshima in august 1945, made it clear that mankind could not use these alleged "miracle weapons" to destroy itself can destroy itself. Unfortunately, this danger is not over; still more or less mentally unstable power players are threatening with their intervention. Friedrich durrenmatt took in 1962 in his political crime comedy "the physicists" this group of scientists is targeted and shows the horror of a genius physicist who wants to face the consequences of his research and who therefore wants to drop out in order not to have to become guilty. But even his immersion in an insane asylum and the destruction of his writings are of no use, because what has been thought cannot be taken back.

Durrenmatt uses three inmates of the madhouse to tell the story of human thought, from the "wise king solomon" in the bible about isaac newton, the founder of modern science, and albert einstein, the most brilliant physicist of the 20th century. He reminds us that researchers have accompanied and influenced the path of humanity since the beginning of the twentieth century, when the results of their research are only being confirmed by experiments in our own day.

All three patients in the physicist’s department of mathilde von zahnd’s sanatorium are not crazy, but rather secret service agents after mobius’s findings, from which he himself wants to protect humanity by his retreat into the madhouse. All three are tricked by the power-hungry single madwoman, who has long since acquired this knowledge and markets it for her enrichment in a world corporation.

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Hans michelbach on the compromise around the b173 bypass: “zeyern will probably not become a berlin airport”

"There will be a two-stage solution", says uwe zeuschel. The deputy director of the bamberg state building authority reported on thursday, when asked, about a crisis meeting held late wednesday afternoon to pave the way for the progress of the district of kronach’s rough construction site.

The result of the discussion between representatives of the building authority and the construction company leonhard weiss, which is responsible for earthwork and roadway construction, is a compromise. The company is to continue building in the disputed part of the construction site, other areas will be put out to tender again.

Background: work on the B173 bypass around zeyern came to a standstill in november 2017 after the building authority had served notice on the construction company’s contract. The reason given was "differences in the building contract" vaguely held .

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Basis of remembrance

Nurnberg – henrike claussen will take over from the 1. September the management of the museum memorium nurnberger prozesse. The 40-year-old historian is no stranger to the french metropolis. Since the opening in autumn 2010, she has been in charge of the exhibition in the palace of justice in the further strabe as curator of the house. In the interview, the first director of the museum talks about her ideas for the future and why the period after 1945 is particularly interesting for her.

With which measures do you want to make the nurnberg trials even more vivid for the visitors??
Henrike claussen: one important element is and remains the jury courtroom as the historical site of the nurnberg trials. In the future, I hope to be able to expand the permanent exhibition and, for example, to integrate the historical judges’ deliberation room into the tour. Another goal is the creation of special exhibition areas in order to be able to expand the range of topics in the future.

Since the trials from 1945 to 1949, the jury room 600 has been slightly modified and, for example, the furniture has been replaced. Do you want to return the hall to its former state with its old inventory??
The hall is still used for court proceedings, but in the coming years it should be fully open to the public. That will happen in 2018 at the earliest, when the judiciary leaves the east wing of the palace of justice and moves into the planned new building. The development of a sustainable concept for the permanent use of the museum will be one of the central tasks for the near future. So I can’t say anything yet about how the hall will look in the future. However, in its present state, I see the jury courtroom as a historical place that reflects not only the nuremberg trials. Apart from that, we only know of two pieces of furniture that have survived the renovation of the hall in 1961 until today. These are the two display panels that we are also showing centrally in the exhibition. But one should never say never. Maybe the old mobiliar is still waiting for its discovery in some memory.

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Topic: living at home for life

Most people want to live at home for the rest of their lives. The question of whether this wish can be fulfilled and what prerequisites are necessary for this, is being investigated by the bamberg district office in the context of various events.

The touring exhibition "9 x self-determined living in upper franconia" ( 9x ofra ) shows results of a study investigating how to improve the use of existing technical and social possibilities in connection with the care of elderly people in their own homes. Four project partners are involved: the church housing company joseph-stiftung, the bamberg social foundation, the chamber of handicrafts for upper franconia and the institute of psychogerontology at the friedrich-alexander-university erlangen-nurnberg. The exhibition is open until 23. January in the meeting building of the district office bamberg and from 24. January to 6. February in the foyer of the steigerwaldklinik burgebrach.

Information day on 1. February

On saturday, 1. February, takes place in the steigerwaldklinik from 14 to 18.30 a.M. An information day under the motto "living at home for a lifetime instead of. In the context of lectures, guided tours through the exhibition "9x ofra" and information stands will provide information on the topic of "living in old age" inform. With an "old-age suit you can also try out for yourself how it feels to cope with (age-related) physical limitations in your own homeliness. An obstacle course also shows why even small thresholds can become an obstacle and trip hazard for walkers or wheelchairs.

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Kastner’s remaining vacation: spd city councilor astonished

Kastner's remaining vacation: spd city councilor astonished

And namely, the criticism goes in the direction of the christian-social burger (CSB), who now demand that the city council resolution on the payment of the remaining vacation is suspended so petra schneider first of all states that the CSB only now, after the media have questioned the city council decision, speak of an insufficient information basis in the city council. "Can happen!", writes the SPD city councillor with a sufficient undertone. And with the words "oh well!" The SPD city councilor comments on the CSB accusation that no OB has ever reported his vacations to a political committee. Petra schneider is astonished that the CSB now wants to change this, since 75 percent of the CSB faction consists of lawyers. In the end, she describes the CSB group chairman's motion for a new regulation as "somewhat blue-eyed". After all, reporting the vacation to the senate would not have prevented the current dispute.

Petra schneider also says to christian muller: "as someone who wants to become OB, he should know that this task cannot be done in an eight-hour day if you take it seriously." When an upper burg champion "celebrates" his overtime the question arises as to whether he would still be active as such. "That's the problem here, not if, when or why vacation days were taken", writes petra schneider in her statement and ends with the conclusion: "i think this is a matter for the administration and not for politics. The government should also think about this – in practical terms." Ct

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Atrium bamberg: partial demolition for hotel beds and apartments?

The atrium has been dead for five years – but the shopping mile still captures the imagination of many bambergers. When the first reports about the sale of the property circulated on the internet on wednesday, the joy was great: will the fallow land be cleared out of the world?? Can the demolition candidate become a new schmuckstuck?

At least the graveside silence around a ghost department store right next to the train station is over for the time being. According to several industry media reports, eyemaxx, a project developer based in aschaffenburg, has purchased the bamberg property from financial investor cerberus global investments. On tuesday, the purchase agreement for the property with 17500 square meters of sales area was signed.

The goals that eyemaxx is pursuing with the purchase are ambitious: the "comprehensive redesign" is to be completed as early as the fourth quarter of 2018 of the complex with a volume of around 50 million euros can be started. The revitalization should be completed in 2020. Eyemaxx wants to use the investment to increase annual rental income from the current 0.65 million euros to three million euros.
If the plans are implemented, the atrium will change fundamentally: the cinestar cinema with 1500 seats will be retained, as will the 700 parking spaces. In the future, trade and gastronomy will be restricted to the first floor only. The new uses for the upper floors are not too surprising in bamberg: a hotel with 150 beds and 50 so-called service apartments are to be created there.It is also clear that the retail and hotel concept is only possible through partial demolition. The building with the nickname "flugzeugtrager" (aircraft carrier), which is often used in bamberg, will therefore look completely different in the future.

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The county of coburg also benefits from the samba festival

the county of coburg also benefits from the samba festival

For rolf beyersdorf, the samba festival has always been something that should not be limited to the city of coburg: "from the very beginning, it was our goal to involve the region as well." And slowly the word seems to be getting around. The therme natur in bad rodach is this year for the second time a "proud part of the big sambafamily", as thermal spa manager stine michel says. A cooperation is growing that benefits all sides – the festival as well as regional tourism and, in the end, the visitors as well.

Regeneration after the party

For all intents and purposes, the samba festival has long been a regional affair: nine "nachtexpress"-lines bring visitors safely home to even the remotest corners of the county, the 1,800 coburg hotel beds are not enough at the front and the back by mid july. Because the parking spaces at the anger and on the land of the coburg gymnastics club are also fully occupied during the festival, many campers are now moving to bad rodach. There are in the "thermenaue" offers 68 parking spaces with all-round service. Therme and samba – a good combination, says rolf beyersdorf: "you can party in coburg at night and be rebuilt in bad rodach the next day."
For the "therme natur" the now world-famous samba festival is once again a first-class advertising platform. Four to five members of the therme team are out and about in the city on the days of the festival, promoting the only thermal spa in the coburg region – in bathrobes, of course. Stine michel female from last year: "with this we really stood out. That’s why we are happy about the chance to be part of it again this year."
Also this year not only the foreign visitors will benefit from the cooperation. Who in the promotional period from 1. July until 31. August his "samba-if you show your ticket or festival ribbon at the ticket office, you will receive a free samba cocktail. The small showcase has had an effect in the past year, reports stine michel: "this way, new guests have also found their way to us."
The way in which the foreign guests "samba" are invited according to beyersdorf, celebrating has changed decisively in the past few years. While a few years ago visits were almost exclusively limited to the three-day festival period, many guests now stay much longer. "The trend is for visitors to arrive one or two days earlier and stay one or two days longer", says the managing director of the event management company sambaco.
Because in the meantime also many samba groups stay longer, the increasing interest in "coburg and more" develops gradually becoming an organizational challenge for beyersdorf and his team. "If large groups suddenly want to stay until monday, we have a problem", explains beyersdorf and points out that in such cases the schools are no longer available for overnight stays. Because they stand "sambaco only available from friday to sunday.

Soder comes to the opening

Very freshly rolf beyersdorf and sambaco press speaker andi ebert got on tuesday the promise that minister president markus soder in any case on friday, 13. July, personally will come to the opening of the festival. Beyersdorf is "beastly" pleased about the high attendance and will for soder the official opening even slightly postpone. This will now take place at 21 o’clock.

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