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More money for the sport and protection associations

The sports and protection clubs in the district of kitzingen will receive a grant of around 146,000 euros from the state of bavaria for 2018. Compared to the previous year, the contribution receivable has increased by more than 5,000 euros. "I am very pleased that the strong volunteer commitment will be supported again this year with an increase of the so-called "vereinspauschale" by the free state," said state parliament member otto hunnerkopf, CSU, according to a press release. "Only with the honorary cooperation, which is carried out in the associations locally, the new generation demand and the sport enterprise can be ensured for all."

The high level of commitment in the sports clubs and clubs for the protection of the environment is worth a lot of money to the bavarian state government: this year, it is transferring a total of 19.79 million euros as a lump sum to support club sports operations – 1.21 million euros more than in 2017. This increase is also due to a special initiative of the CSU group. "Sports clubs do valuable work for children and young people, but also for society itself," says hunnerkopf. "The steadily increasing demand shows that we value the motivated efforts of the many volunteers and that club sports in bavaria are very important to us."

The subsidies to the sports and protection clubs will be maintained in accordance with the bavarian state government’s sports requirement guideline. This is calculated on the basis of the number of adult members of the association and the number of children, adolescents and young adults, for whom there is a tenfold weighting. Another basis for assessment is the number of practice leader licenses.

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Debate about election dates for the state parliament and the bundestag

Debate about election dates for the state parliament and the Bundestag

Even a mayor of the city of oberburg is allowed to make a public fuss. In a meeting of the finance committee, kay blankenburg (SPD) unexpectedly criticized munich and berlin for failing to schedule the federal and state elections in september on the same sunday: "this is a completely unnecessary way of imposing double costs on the municipalities." The dates have not yet been confirmed, but the bavarian elections on 15 and 15 june are scheduled to take place on the same day. September the new state parliament and district parliament, on 22. September, the bundestag.

It hasn't gotten that much easier or cheaper, and certainly not this year, says ludwig buchner, who organizes the elections at city hall with his colleagues susanne kab and tanja weimann. From a logistical point of view, he is even glad that this year's elections fall on two dates. State parliament and district parliament elections already mean a large amount of work, which can only just be managed within the available time window. If the federal elections were added to the equation, considerably more election workers would be needed to pay out the money – even if it is only the usual refreshment money of 21 euros per nose. So not much would be saved.

The main problem, however, is a completely different one: the number of ballot boxes is limited. Buchner needs two ballot boxes for each of the two direct candidate and party elections. In addition, as the state government announced in a press release, there will be five referendums to change the bavarian constitution at the same time as the state election. In addition, there may be the referendum "no to tuition fees in bavaria". This means that ten urns are needed for each polling station. With 24 polling stations and eight postal voting stations, the total number of ballot boxes required is 320. Buchner can't borrow any from neighboring communities. They need theirs urgently.

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Team of trainers offers more opportunity than risk

Of course, some club fans could not understand how dieter hecking left nurnberg without a word and moved to wolfsburg. But perspective, family and probably also the money were simply too powerful for him to refuse.

Now the 1. FCN now has to start the second half of the season with the new coaching team of michael wiesinger and armin reutershahn, and – to paraphrase wowereit – that’s just as well. Many old coaches such as babbel, rangnick or stevens had been on the market, but the club opted for two largely blank slates.

With this step, the club was indeed courageous, but ultimately only consistent. The club repeatedly relies on players from its own youth – due to empty coffers. And again and again they make the permanent leap into the professional cadre. Not least a credit to the youth coaches, such as wiesinger was.

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Bad bruckenau: discussion about the railroad cycle path

Dirk stumpe (PWG) had not wanted to make his request during the vacation period. Now the city council spoke about his request to build a demarcation between the bike path and the ancenis road. "The city council was not consulted about this change", criticized stumpe and spoke of a "massive planning error". He also cited the double 90-degree bend at the current mobile home park at the metal works as a source of danger.

Mayor brigitte meyerdierks (CSU) said she wanted to address these concerns. She stressed, however, that the planning complies with legal requirements. With photos, she demonstrated how, for example, in nordheim or unterleichtersbach, bike paths were directly adjacent to federal roads or former federal roads – also with curbs, and marked only with a simple white line. In response to the accusation that the administration had made an arbitrary decision, she said: "if it came about in such a way that we decided arbitrarily, then I’m sorry."

Unhappiness in all factions

The head of city hall further explained the background of the planning change. The city did not want to be deprived of the opportunities for urban development. Leo romeis, head of the department for infrastructure, tourism and finances, described considerations for renovating the sinnflut thermal spa. The unsatisfactory parking situation at the baths has been known for a long time. So the idea had arisen to build angled parking spaces along the narrow road from the RV park to the rock cellar. As an "option called romeis a bridge that could lead from there to the sinnflut via the bypass road. "These are all questions that still need to be answered", romeis made it clear that the administration had wanted to think ahead.

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6500 Euros for the hospice association

6500 euros for the hospice association

The wurzburg hospice association is pleased to have received a donation of 6500 euros. Birgit graber happily received the money and explained: "eight families had met in the summer to talk about organizing a christmas market again this year"." The consensus was quickly reached – and people were happy about the rough success.
A first meeting was held in july, and in september the final decision was made in favor of the christmas market – and the title "waldzauber" ("forest magic"). "We had a lot of helpers who worked before, during and after the market", remembers carmen goller. "There were a lot of people who baked cookies and made jam. And there were delicious homemade likore", laughs the co-organizer. "All the helpers came from mainsondheim", she proudly stated. "Everyone we asked was ready to help immediately. Without everyone’s efforts, our market would not have been possible", she is happy. "We had 160 platzchentuten, 80 lebkuchentuten and several advent wreaths that were sold." The response in mainsondheim and the surrounding area has been tremendous.
"Everyone agreed to leave the money raised here in the county and to donate it to specific projects", explained hubert schenkel. So the entire amount of 6500 euros was donated to the hospizverein wurzburg e.V. Donated. "We wanted to support needy people in a targeted way. So it was decided to donate the money to wurzburg." Carmen goller and hubert schenkel were very proud of the amount of the donation – and birgit graber from the hospizverein wurzburg e. V was visibly moved when she learned of this. "I was completely surprised and delighted by the size of the donation. The money will be used for training, education and further training of hospice workers within our association and for the support of the seriously ill and dying", she promised.

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No quick solution to the commerzbank leadership crisis in sight

no quick solution to the commerzbank leadership crisis in sight

No quick solution to management crisis at commerzbank in sight. Even after several hours of deliberations by the supervisory board on wednesday, it remained unclear who should drive further savings at the partially nationalized frankfurt-based mdax group.

The special meeting of the control body continued in the afternoon. On friday, both group CEO martin zielke and supervisory board chairman stefan schmittmann surprisingly announced their resignations. Zielke, who has led the bank since may 2016, had offered a mutually agreed termination of his contract, which runs until november 2023, no later than the end of the current year. Schmittmann will step down from the board as early as 3. Resign august 2020.

According to the "frankfurter allgemeine zeitung", however, none of the incumbent supervisory board members wants to become the new chairman of the supervisory board. The control committee had instructed jutta donges, who had been delegated to the supervisory board by the federal government, to find a new member for the control committee, the newspaper wrote on wednesday evening. Donges is managing director of the federal republic of germany – finance agency that manages the federal government’s debts.

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53-Year-old wins world’s biggest jackpot

53-year-old wins world's biggest jackpot

When a lottery player in germany wins millions, he gets two good pieces of advice from the lottery company: don’t talk about it and don’t scout the workplace! By that measure, mavis wanczyk, a 32-year veteran of a massachusetts hospital, got it all wrong on day one. The 53-year-old won a nominal 758.7 million U.S. Dollars (about 642 million euros), the biggest single prize in lotto history – never before in the world has a single person won so much money in the lottery.

Immediately announced

The day after the drawing she dialed the number of her employer. "I called them and told them that I would not be coming back." After that she gave a press conference in front of running cameras, which was seen all over the usa on television and worldwide on the internet. "This was a dream of mine", mother of two adult children says of her successful lotto coup. It took a while before she could believe her own luck.

In fact, it’s incredibly unlikely to be the one player out of millions who gets five of the 69 numbers right, plus the super number. The chance is 1 in 292 million. U.S. Media claim to have calculated that the chances of drowning and being struck by lightning at the same time are higher. Mavis wanczyk had bet on the birthdays of friends and relatives and on numbers from her personal everyday life – just like many lottery players do. She had handed in her ticket in a local supermarket just hours before the draw.

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