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Crash landing in san francisco: racism joke causes trouble

crash landing in san francisco: racism joke causes trouble

"Sum ting wong, wi tu lo, ho lee fuk, bang ding ow" was the headline on the KTVU news, next to a picture of the burned-out machine. Pronounced aloud, the names resemble a witty description of the accident: "something wrong, we too low, holy fuck, bang ding ow", in german: "etwas falsch, wir zu tief, heilige scheibe, bumm krach aua."Quickly the emporten comments piled up in the internet about the racist joke.

It was only during the current reporting that the station noticed the blunder and apologized to its viewers. Several mistakes were made, said moderator frank somerville. KTVU had neither spoken the names aloud nor asked for the exact position of the U.S. National transportation safety board (NTSB) employee who had confirmed the names to the station by phone.

The NTSB reacted a short time later and apologized for the "wrong and insulting" names in a press release. An intern had acted beyond his authority and confirmed the dubious names to the broadcaster. However, a spokeswoman for the NTSB told dpa on saturday that it was not clear which of the two sides had come up with the names.

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Without the filigree, the glamour is missing

Without the filigree, the glamour is missing

The new bad kissingen city champion in indoor soccer is the FC 06. In the final, the district league team defeated the A-class team SV albertshausen 3:2. Third place went to the host team, tsvgg hausen, which moved into the field after TSV reiterswiesen pulled out at short notice. Too many players of the district classist were on skiing vacation.

In group A, TV jahn winkels surprised with a concentrated style of play, with coach uwe wende using mainly young players. He was "absolutely satisfied with the performance of his boys, even though we lost the semifinals due to two stupid mistakes and didn’t have the necessary amount of luck in the seven-meter shootout for third place". The second semifinalist from this group was tsvgg hausen, which improved after the clear opening defeat against the jahn team. A single disappointment was defending champion SV garitz. The district league team fielded a predominantly inexperienced squad and only avoided total disgrace thanks to its better goal ratio against FC poppenroth.

In group B, FC 06 bad kissingen did not manage more than a 3:3 against SV albertshausen at the start, but then things went well for thomas freund’s proteges. He had newcomers in the squad, whereby adrian mann only arrived in the bayernhalle shortly before the start of the tournament, but immediately impressed with his technical prowess. In goal for the female blue team was bjorn rader, a new goalkeeper who switched from djk wasserlosen to the frank saale. Second place in the group went to the A-class team from albertshausen, which relegated TSV arnshausen, which was also not complete, to third place. Without a chance was the post-SV, which was at the end of the table without a goal and a point. Two reasons for the unsatisfactory eighth place were named by chairman reinhold kutzer: "we hardly had a hall specialist and certainly not a goalkeeper with any experience."

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Dance lime tree: mayor hofmann is appalled

dance lime tree: mayor hofmann is appalled

The limmersdorfer lindenkirchweih is a crowd puller that attracts visitors from all over the region to the thurnau suburb every year at the end of august. This year, the traditional event is already making headlines in the spring, after the municipal council, in its most recent meeting, decided against commissioning an expert opinion required for the renovation of the dance lime tree. BR asked mayor dietmar hofmann (SPD/OL) about it.

Mr. Hofmann, in the district of kulmbach, people are surprised that the market is investing a huge sum in the pottery museum, but does not want to invest 2800 euros for an expert opinion on the renovation of the limmersdorf dance hall.
Dietmar hofmann: you can’t compare one with the other. In the case of the pottery museum, we have succeeded in obtaining a demand of almost 90 percent. So the market’s own contribution is not huge. As far as the renovation of the dance lime tree is concerned, which I personally fully support, only about 33 percent of the estimated costs of 75,000 euros are currently covered. Further demands are still outstanding. The municipal council has always been unanimous in its support for the renovation of this unique monument. In the past, damage was only ever repaired. Now we want to forge an overall concept that includes the renovation of the sandstone columns and the replacement of the beam structure of the dance bridge.

The administration has submitted a proposal to the committee to commission the structural analysis report. You didn’t chair the meeting, learned on vacation that the council voted 8-4 against it. Were you surprised, especially since opposing voices have come even from your faction?
I was not only surprised, I was really angry. And I was appalled how this in itself harmless topic in the public was inflated unnecessarily. I wonder who benefits from this unobjective discussion in retrospect – the cause certainly not. Back to the meeting: the reference by parts of the SPD/open list to the not yet approved budget is incomprehensible to me, as the budget was already covered by the promised grants. The criticism that the kerwa association categorically refused to make even a symbolic financial contribution is more understandable. On the other hand, I cannot understand at all the CSU’s reason for saying no in the municipal council.

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Scandal at pk of doping victims’ support group

scandal at pk of doping victims' support group

The doctor threw the professor out: a heated argument between two men overshadowed the press conference of the doping victims’ association (DOH).

When anti-doping expert werner franke tried to gain access to the conference room at the federal foundation for the reappraisal of the sed dictatorship, DOH chairman michael lehner jumped up and forced the 79-year-old out of the room. The two men scuffled, a reporter rushed in to mediate, and some feared an escalation. But then franke grudgingly gave in.

The professor of molecular biology, who had traveled from heidelberg to berlin, finally gave in. But before franke went off the rails, he issued an invitation to a counter-event: "if you want to hear the truth, you have to come to maximilians" an hour later and 100 meters away, the number one german doping investigator spoke in the restaurant about his views on the long-smoldering dispute between DOH critics and the aid association, which was founded in 1999.

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No quick solution to the commerzbank leadership crisis in sight

no quick solution to the commerzbank leadership crisis in sight

No quick solution to management crisis at commerzbank in sight. Even after several hours of deliberations by the supervisory board on wednesday, it remained unclear who should drive further savings at the partially nationalized frankfurt-based mdax group.

The special meeting of the control body continued in the afternoon. On friday, both group CEO martin zielke and supervisory board chairman stefan schmittmann surprisingly announced their resignations. Zielke, who has led the bank since may 2016, had offered a mutually agreed termination of his contract, which runs until november 2023, no later than the end of the current year. Schmittmann will step down from the board as early as 3. Resign august 2020.

According to the "frankfurter allgemeine zeitung", however, none of the incumbent supervisory board members wants to become the new chairman of the supervisory board. The control committee had instructed jutta donges, who had been delegated to the supervisory board by the federal government, to find a new member for the control committee, the newspaper wrote on wednesday evening. Donges is managing director of the federal republic of germany – finance agency that manages the federal government’s debts.

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53-Year-old wins world’s biggest jackpot

53-year-old wins world's biggest jackpot

When a lottery player in germany wins millions, he gets two good pieces of advice from the lottery company: don’t talk about it and don’t scout the workplace! By that measure, mavis wanczyk, a 32-year veteran of a massachusetts hospital, got it all wrong on day one. The 53-year-old won a nominal 758.7 million U.S. Dollars (about 642 million euros), the biggest single prize in lotto history – never before in the world has a single person won so much money in the lottery.

Immediately announced

The day after the drawing she dialed the number of her employer. "I called them and told them that I would not be coming back." After that she gave a press conference in front of running cameras, which was seen all over the usa on television and worldwide on the internet. "This was a dream of mine", mother of two adult children says of her successful lotto coup. It took a while before she could believe her own luck.

In fact, it’s incredibly unlikely to be the one player out of millions who gets five of the 69 numbers right, plus the super number. The chance is 1 in 292 million. U.S. Media claim to have calculated that the chances of drowning and being struck by lightning at the same time are higher. Mavis wanczyk had bet on the birthdays of friends and relatives and on numbers from her personal everyday life – just like many lottery players do. She had handed in her ticket in a local supermarket just hours before the draw.

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In search of happiness

In search of happiness

Under the title "the search for true happiness the city library and cultural initiative (KIS) offer on friday, 12. April, an event and reading by the bestselling author ulli olvedi from seefeld near munich.
Ulli olvedi has been involved in the theory and practice of buddhist teachings since 1970. She first worked for a long time as a science journalist and translator. Today she writes mainly novels with a buddhist background such as "the cry of garuda", "like in a dream" and "the voice of twilight". Through publications and seminars, she conveys the contents of the buddhist spiritual world and teaches, among other things, at the academy "panta rhei" in seefeld. In the tradition of her highly successful novels, ulli olvedi has created "zanskar" another wonderful tibet story written – an exciting and driving search for true happiness.

From tibet to switzerland
To the content: as a small child dolma loses her parents in the flight from tibet and grows up with adoptive parents in switzerland. She is a quiet, well-behaved child, marries a man with an academic career, has a daughter – everything according to plan. Then her life falls into depression, only her longing for "home" keep it up. When her daughter pema-marie reaches the age of majority, she flees to tibet – from her family, from depression, from a life that seems wasted to her. It will be a journey of no return. Ten years later, dolma's diaries are found in kathmandu. Pema-marie, a natural scientist and far away from everything tibetan, flies to kathmandu with her husband to receive her – and gets lost in the accounts of the auber and inner dramas her mother experienced on the trip: in lhasa, dolma falls in love with a tibetan, but she finds it hard to love and chinese tibet scares her off. A friendship with a nun eventually leads her to a nunnery in zanskar, an extremely high region in the western himalayas, where time has stood still and the real old tibet still seems to be alive.

Legacy of the mother
For dolma, a difficult and dramatic year begins, full of hardships, but also full of miracles that give her hope. Her mother's legacy, the account of her spiritual development and her sincere attempt to know and understand herself, open pema-marie's eyes: like her mother, she submits to the rules of her environment, with which she feels so uncomfortable. And like her mother, she embarks on a journey into a whole new world that leads to an unexpected turn in her life.
The event in the old darre begins on friday, 12. April, at 19.30 o'clock.

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“Archive of the future”: prefer natural pastures to abstract metal skeletons?

To the article "that there at the market place" from 6. November we received the following reader's opinion: THE DA at the market place …Yes, one can really argue about it. Is this art or can it go away? A glass house with metallic willows as a view or sun protection? Directly in front of the city hall? In the middle of a mature old town, for which at some point a "design and preservation statute for the historic core of lichtenfels" was even envisioned has thought up, in order not to disfigure these? The city of lichtenfels was thrilled by anyone who wanted to fill the ever-increasing vacancies in the city and in the countryside with new life.

Visions can not hurt and it is completely irrelevant whether they are from professionals (professors), day-dreamers (visionaries) or the "simple" burger created, formulated and ideally (allowed to be) realized. Whether an "archive of the future" can become the hoped-for magnet for attraction because of its architecture or the topics to be dealt with is still in the stars. On the part of the city everything possible and even impossible was done to be able to realize this project. The bylaws, which actually form the old core of the "pearl on the upper main", are still in force was to protect the girls, was adapted to the submitted building application completely unbureaucratically and on very short notice. This may make many a builder bright-eyed, breathe a sigh of relief and hope! One can always argue about the sense and nonsense of regulations, statutes and laws.

A short time ago, the city council was still discussing a "green house number" highly controversial discussion. What else can, may or would one like to expect from prospective builders or owners?? More green, more domestic products, more sustainability, more compensation areas, or should the common sense of the individual ultimately be allowed to decide what is important to him or her personally?? How much "green is actually in the "archive of the future? Would this object and the wicker city be better served by native willows than abstract metal skeletons from austria??

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Experts warn of easter traffic jams – a7 closed near hamburg

experts warn of easter traffic jams - a7 closed near hamburg

Cars were backed up for kilometers in front of the closed section of the A7 on saturday. Even on the alternative routes, progress was slow. The reason was work on a bridge to create additional lanes. On sunday, the situation returned to normal, according to the police.

Easter travelers must be prepared for heavy traffic and congestion on the highways. Especially on the A8 and A5 in the southwest, vacationers, excursionists and commuters could drive into the traffic jam trap before the holidays: "grundonnerstag-nachmittag wird die holle los sein," predicted a spokesman for the traffic warning service baden-wurttemberg. In lower saxony and bremen, the easter vacations began this weekend. Traffic was allowed to really get going a week later (from 30./31. March), when school is out almost everywhere in germany.

The traffic expert expects "traffic jams from all directions" before the easter holidays on the A8 near stuttgart-leonberg, at stuttgart airport and at the walldorf interchange, where the A5 and A6 meet. Slow progress was also made for motorists on the A96 memmingen-lindau, the route from allgau to lake constance. "There will be a lot of traffic around lake constance – if the weather is right," estimates the stuttgart expert.

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Bad kissingen experts warn: danger from bark beetle particularly high this year

The weather still shows its wintry side with cold nights and cool temperatures even during the day. Therefore, the bark beetle still remains in its winter dormancy, either under the bark of infested spruce trees, or in the ground in the litter layer. But already in march the first warm days can occur. At daytime temperatures above 15 degrees, the bark beetle begins to develop a new generation. The first swarm flight can be expected from the middle to the end of april.

"There is little we can do about the grapes in the ground. Affected trees, on the other hand, can be. Must be taken quickly by the forest owner", according to bernhard zurner of the amt fur ernahrung landwirtschaft und forsten in bad kissingen. Already in the months of november and december, forest owners were contacted in whose forests infested spruce trees were discovered. You have been asked to remove these spruces by the end of february 2019. If the forest owner did not take on this work himself, this was not always possible due to a lack of entrepreneurial capacity.

"If the infested spruces are still in the forest, we are running out of time", zurner continues. Every effort must be made to remove these trees immediately and to reprocess them. Possible storage sites for infested wood may only be selected at a sufficient distance from other spruce stands – i.E. At least 500 meters apart. Crown material is best to chop. This is the only way to minimize the pressure of the infestation in spring.

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