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Fools storm the mitwitz town hall

Fools storm the Mitwitz town hall

The countdown is on. A whole town is on its feet at 11 o'clock sharp.11 o'clock the carnival gebuhrend to ring in. The time has come. On the minute exactly the first bonbons fly. Music typical of carnival sounds on the streets in front of the town hall – and with the music the starting signal is given for an extraordinary guard.
Sturdy ladies in dance marionette costumes are to welcome the carnival in mitwitz. To "brenna duats guat", "heidi" and the like, they let their skirts swing and throw their legs – not quite as gracefully as real girls – but nevertheless considerably into the air.

Since october
"We've been practicing since the beginning of october" betrayal heinz reisenweber, second chairman of the gymnastics club leutendorf-horb. For the short rehearsal time the choreography can be seen. Even lifting figures and elegant hoof swings are not neglected. It is also thanks to the gymnastics club that the town hall has been open for the last two years on the 11th of december. November is stormed.

The fools and jesters do not let themselves be told twice on this sunday afternoon. With the battle cry H.O.R.B horber ole the town hall is taken, knowing well to find the mayor in the town hall, sitting on a decorated throne, to banish him for the next months from his chief chair.

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