The roof is completely dilapidated

In the hallway in front of the staircase behind the entrance there is a sign. "Rough work thrives only through unity", is written on it and it reflects a little of the pride with which the "house of the farmer’s wife" was built at the end of 1957 in birkach blessed and opened. To use common farm facilities, to facilitate the work of the farmers, to offer development possibilities for the local associations, storage rooms for the raiffeisen fund and for sales – everything was listed for which the then birkach municipal council had designated the building.

Over the years, the use of the building has changed somewhat, and it once housed an inn. With the territorial reform, when the former municipality of birkach was dissolved and became part of ebensfeld, the responsibility for the building was also transferred to the municipality of ebensfeld. Today, it serves as a fire station and, of course, as a meeting place for the clubs in the village. But it became clear long ago that it would have to be renovated in order to be preserved. There is also a principle behind it: there should be a community meeting place in every part of ebensfeld.

But it won’t be cheap: plans for renovation were submitted at the end of 2016. A new heating system was needed, and a stair lift was to be installed to provide barrier-free access to the hall on the second floor. New tiles were to be installed on the roof, and a dam was to be built underneath. The facade is also to be repaired and repainted.

470 000 euro, according to the cost estimate, would be incurred for this. At least there is a grant of 351,000 euro. This leaves the municipality with around 120,000 euros.

Presumably the total will be higher. The roof truss is so dilapidated that renovation is almost impossible. The building committee looked around in the attic. Even laymen could see that there would not be much to renovate, because many things could hardly be renovated. The decay is too advanced. How to continue?

Roswitha wich ( ) suggested to have another roof structure with a different roof offered as well. Franz bohmer () said, one could think also about another roof form. "I’m open to anything, but it’s also a question of the local image", said mayor bernhard storath (CSU). The two other visits by the building committee will be less costly. In eggenbach, a ten-square-meter storage room is added to the fire station. The costs of 25 000 euro must carry the municipality alone. 30 meters of the cemetery wall in ebensfeld will have its concrete block covering renewed and replaced by sandstone. Cost: 13 000 euro.