Singing in a choir makes you feel good

It was a joyful singing and music making, when the singing club eintracht wonfurt 1900 with its four choirs as well as an instrumental trio performed under the motto "show me the place in the sun in the beautiful castle courtyard in wonfurt once again gave a great summer concert. All participants showed the great joy they have in singing and making music. The stormy applause at the end was not only for the singers and musicians as well as all the helpers, but above all for the choir director waltraud hellwig for the overall leadership.

"Can you imagine a life without music??" Had asked the chairwoman of the singing club, simone wagenhauser, in the beginning. After all, music played a role everywhere in life. There are two ways to get in touch with music: on the one hand, by listening, and on the other hand, by playing an instrument or singing yourself. "We want to sing and play for them today and show them the joy of it", she explained and concluded: "a life without music would be unimaginable, because it connects people with each other!"

Free entry

Since maren von bismarck had once again made the idyllic castle courtyard available for the concert, the many guests were able to listen to the beautiful music in the midst of fragrant flowers with free admission. Accompanied by the happy chirping of birds, monika appel (piano), marina andreeva (violin) and waltraud hellwig (recorder) opened the concert with three baroque compositions by henry purcell, before the mixed choir of the gesangverein, with monika appel on piano, performed a medley of the most beautiful melodies by udo jurgens. The singers convinced with a harmonic overall sound, a clear articulation and a good melodic performance. They all listened attentively to the conducting of waltraud hellwig, who had paid a lot of attention to the details of the interpretation.

Joy of singing

But also the "cool kids" children's choir proved how much joy singing can bring. The youngest participants sang three songs suitable for children, the most popular of which was "sauer" ("sour") visibly made the most fun. Kerstin vogel was responsible for the sensitive piano accompaniment. The teen choir, which is "close to me and "faded for the first time jule scheuring conducted the performance. The 19-year-old had recently completed training as a junior assistant ensemble leader she graduated from the music academy in marktoberdorf and was now allowed to demonstrate her skills, while waltraud hellwig took over the piano part.

Beautiful soprano voice

But the young lady also has a very beautiful soprano voice, with which she sang the song "take me to your heart again – la vie en rose" sang. She also impressed together with 23 year old hannah braunreuter with the hit "fly me to the moon". In between, the instrumental musicians enriched the program with more enchanting pieces. Finally, the project choir of the singing society, which has grown to a proud 26 singers, presented itself. Together with cara joos on the piano, it delighted the audience with three english songs and ended the concert together with the teenie choir and the catchy tune "barbara'ann" officially ended. After the great final applause the guests were allowed to sing the song of udo jurgens "zeig mir den platz an der sonne" together with all the singers and could happily start their way home.