More money for the sport and protection associations

The sports and protection clubs in the district of kitzingen will receive a grant of around 146,000 euros from the state of bavaria for 2018. Compared to the previous year, the contribution receivable has increased by more than 5,000 euros. "I am very pleased that the strong volunteer commitment will be supported again this year with an increase of the so-called "vereinspauschale" by the free state," said state parliament member otto hunnerkopf, CSU, according to a press release. "Only with the honorary cooperation, which is carried out in the associations locally, the new generation demand and the sport enterprise can be ensured for all."

The high level of commitment in the sports clubs and clubs for the protection of the environment is worth a lot of money to the bavarian state government: this year, it is transferring a total of 19.79 million euros as a lump sum to support club sports operations – 1.21 million euros more than in 2017. This increase is also due to a special initiative of the CSU group. "Sports clubs do valuable work for children and young people, but also for society itself," says hunnerkopf. "The steadily increasing demand shows that we value the motivated efforts of the many volunteers and that club sports in bavaria are very important to us."

The subsidies to the sports and protection clubs will be maintained in accordance with the bavarian state government’s sports requirement guideline. This is calculated on the basis of the number of adult members of the association and the number of children, adolescents and young adults, for whom there is a tenfold weighting. Another basis for assessment is the number of practice leader licenses.