Handballers suffer serious em loss

Handballers suffer serious em loss

The european championship hosts are horrified, the prestigious supercup is in danger, and the bundesliga schedule has to be modified: the historic european championship elimination of the german handball players proves to have serious consequences just one day after the final failure.

Only for national coach martin heuberger there was also good news: the board of the german handball federation (DHB) expressed its confidence in the national coach despite the missed european championship in denmark. And also the bundesliga keeps him the promised time for mabnahmen of the national team free.

And the man from schutterwald will be in desperate need of one. For the as a test of strength at a high level of 1. Until 3. November planned supercup threatened with cancellation. Instead of the comparisons with the top opponents sweden, poland and agypt in bremen and hamburg, we now have the preliminaries for the world cup 2015 in qatar.

And for the time being, the national team will continue to work under heuberger. "The DHB board does not see a problem with the coach in any way, even after the failure to qualify, and continues to be convinced of the work of national coach martin heuberger.

We stand by the personnel decision we made in the summer of 2011. We are stating this independently of the bundestag, which is due to take place at the end of september," the DHB said in a statement on monday. That was the result of the rotational prasidium meeting in frankfurt/main on sunday. However, the current leadership of the association will no longer stand for election to the delegates of the upcoming federal parliament.

Depending on the draw for the group opponents on 27. June in vienna the DHB will try to get the compulsory games postponed. At the prasidium meeting in frankfurt/main, the idea was developed to play one game on the wednesday before the supercup and the other two weeks later. However, the european handball federation (EHF) had to give the green light and the opponents had to agree to it. "If this is not possible, we must cancel the supercup. But first, we want to work with everyone involved to find a solution," said DHB vice president horst bredemeier.

Because of this new constellation, the bundesliga will also have to change its schedule. But the basic principle remains the same: the national team will get the agreed freedom of action. "The game plan is in place," said frank bohmann, managing director of the league association HBL. This means that there will still be two double-legged matches on the second and third matchdays and in march 2015. The friday-sunday rounds create dates for the national team.

Not only from the DHB, but also from the league, the national coach is receiving full support. "The national coach has pushed the right things," said bohmann. Still-association-vice bredemeier explained: "the problem is not the coach. The problem is the link between the association and the league."According to bohmann, there are noticeable deficits, especially in the operational area. "There is a great need for optimization. But I don’t want everyone to point the finger at each other and say: it’s his fault," said the league man.

However, he is skeptical about heuberger’s wish for voluntary self-protection of the clubs in favor of young german players. "I estimate that this will be difficult. A restriction had advantages and disadvantages," said the managing director. Nevertheless, this topic will also play a role at next month’s general meeting of the clubs.

The damage beyond the battered image is considerable, both nationally and internationally, because attention is falling. "The rough championships are always a media lighthouse as well. That is no longer the case," said bohmann. The clubs also got to feel the consequences. "We have been talking for years about the national team being our locomotive. That has faltered. That’s what’s going to stop us," said the HBL managing director.

But he also thinks that missing the european championships could be a healing shock from which people can recover. "There is no need to throw in the towel. If we are at the next world championship, everything will be fine again. Then we got off lightly," said bohmann.

The danes will not be comforted by the optimistic outlook. The european championship host is appalled by the absence of the german. "This is a catastrophe for many reasons," said morten stig christensen, executive director of the DHF association. "It’s a shame for handball as a whole and for us that the germans aren’t there."