Expert opinion on “sectarian children” available

Christine wiesneth is worried about her three grandchildren. For their parents have lived their lives entirely according to the rules of the so-called guru of ailsbach. Wiesneth fears that the children, aged eight, eleven and 14, will suffer in their development in the household, which is poor for pseudo-religious reasons. Without a telephone and with insufficient heating, as the rough mother must assume from her experience so far. Contact with his son and grandchildren, who live in lonnerstadt, has been broken off for a long time.

Whether a danger for the children exists, clarifies an expert opinion. The erlangen family court has commissioned a youth psychologist and psychiatrist to assess whether the parents' way of life is detrimental to the child's welfare. "I hope that the expert opinion is a step forward", says the grandmother, who is not a party to the proceedings. "About the content I can only guess."

Expert opinion went to the parties involved
"On 6. In may, the expert opinion was received by the court and has now been served on the parties to the proceedings", informed in addition justice press speaker michael hammer. He expects the court to schedule a hearing in june to continue the ongoing custody proceedings.

"The parents, the youth welfare office and the guardian ad litem will be heard, but also the children", hammer explained the next steps. The guardian ad litem was appointed by the court, because the minors themselves cannot conduct a lawsuit and these proceedings are directed against the parents, the legal representatives. Just as a result of divorce proceedings.

Possible legal consequences
The possible consequences are also the same. If the expert affirms harmful effects, the court could pronounce the withdrawal of custody rights. Then a guardian had to be appointed. He then had to decide what to do with the children. And above all where they should live. This is what the lawyers call the right of residence.

Heike krahmer, the head of the youth welfare office at the district administration office, also received the expert opinion. "We have already suggested in the summer of 2012 the expert opinion", she says about the process so far. And: "the expert opinion has given us important conclusions. Accordingly, we will continue to be active."