A sing-along project for all bach lovers

The annual summer project of the habberge choir presents itself this year as an open sing-along project for all bach lovers from near and far. Bach’s works have a very special appeal not only for listeners, but also for the singers themselves. Often difficult to sing, but artfully interwoven in sound. The festive choral cantata 192, which was composed in leipzig in 1730, is also part of this project.
The performance under the direction of deanery cantor matthias gottemann will take place on two summer sundays in a festive setting: on sunday, 24 sunday, 24 sunday, 24 sunday. June, 10.3 pm, in the marienkirche konigsberg with regional bishop dorothea greiner and pastor peter hohlweg as well as on sunday, 1. July, 10 a.M., in the simultaneous church of untermerzbach with pastor sonja von aschen.
Rehearsals for the summer concert of the kantorei habberge under the direction of gottemann start on 6. June at 19.30 o’clock in the martin luther house in rugheim. This is where people meet to hear the sheet music and get to know the work for the first time. In two further rehearsals, details are then worked on, also in individual voices.
In a rehearsal weekend in combination with the first performance of 22. Until 24. June is about detail work with choir and orchestra.
Newcomers are welcome to try out the program. The project also offers external guests the opportunity to sing along. If you are interested and already have singing experience, you can participate in two days of rehearsals of a beautiful cantata in a festive setting. Interested parties are asked to send a short e-mail to [email protected] asked.