There are five variants for an access to the new building area

The new construction area "neuhaus sudwest-steigerwaldblick" is not yet in the bag, as there is still disagreement about the access roads to the planned 24 building sites. Mayor karsten fischkal () presented five variants to the building committee on wednesday evening.

He himself favors the variant in which the land consolidation road running parallel to the county road was developed as an access road. However, not in the current width of eleven meters, but 3.5 meters wide and with a two-meter wide multifunctional stripe.

In addition, in his opinion, it would not be necessary for the road in the new construction area to be seven meters wide as planned. A width of three to 3.5 meters plus a two-meter wide multifunctional strip was fully sufficient and would also provide the opportunity to create parking spaces.

Norbert birkner (), on the other hand, prefers variant 0, in which the land consolidation path was only included in the planning for a small section. However, should the variant recommended by fischkal be accepted, it would also be necessary to plan for sidewalks on both sides of the road.

Fischkal pointed out that in the event of a later extension of the land consolidation path, for example due to the designation of a further building area, the costs would have to be passed on proportionally to the residents on both sides of the path. In the variant preferred by him, however, they were allotted to the investor, which means, however, that the costs for the building sites were somewhat higher than in variant 0. The local councils now want to examine all five variants, so that no decision could be made yet.

The parking situation in oesdorfer strabe between brandenburger strabe and frankenring is intolerable. The area is often parked up on both sides to such an extent that it is almost impossible to get through due to the high volume of traffic. Not only for cars, but especially not for rescue vehicles or fire department.

The designation of ten parking spaces alternately to the right and left is planned here, which has eased the situation. A corresponding attempt is started. If the result is positive, the parking spaces are then firmly marked in the ground. Bs