“The spd has often been pronounced dead”

The political ash wednesday of the ellertal SPD has a long tradition. This time, the ruhr local association had two local political heavyweights as guests in the lohndorf brewery holzlein: the oberhaider mayor carsten joneitis and the bamberger mayor wolfgang metzner, who provided the evening with witty background information. And also did not print themselves before the question of all questions, whether OB andreas strong will run for office again.

SPD local leader thomas pregl encouraged those present not to underestimate the fighting power of the social democrats. "The SPD has often been pronounced dead, under bismarck, hitler, in the GDR and also in the post-war period. But it's like the legendary boxing match in 1974, the 'rumble in the jungle' between muhammad ali and joe frazier. Frazier went into the fight as a clear 3-to-1 favorite, ali hung on the ropes for a long time, only to come up short in the 8. The decisive punch in the second round!"

Joneitis highlighted the good work of the SPD in the district. The preservation of the middle school is close to the SPD's heart, but in view of the CSU's school policy, he fears that "a very big balloon is about to burst. Other important topics are the introduction of the yellow garbage can, the digitalization of schools, the installation of a nursing station board on the internet and, of course, mobility between the communities and the city of bamberg. Litzendorf will finally be connected to the public transport network.

Joneitis criticized the personnel decisions of the CSU district administrator – new driver and new consultant – over everyone's heads and without a call for tenders. "District administrator kalb is certainly not comparable to his predecessor in terms of expertise. He blocks or drags everything into the ridiculous!"

Metzner also made the same point. "The days of black-painted broomsticks are over – you also have to perform if you want to be elected!", the mayor of bamberg pointed out with regard to the quarreling csu and its "model candidate lange to.

Metzner described the rescued sandkerwa as a "success story", the funds made available were not needed. "It is possible to plan such a rough celebration in a financially secure way". SPD wants to create 1,000 affordable apartments on the muna site. He regretted that the bavarian state government had rejected proposals by oberburgermeister andreas starke to provide housing on the barracks site for students and for the victims of the fire in memmelsdorf. Metzner would like to see the end of the anchor center – with a current occupancy of 1488 people – in 2025. After all, the state of bavaria under the CSU state government had promised to do so. The SPD man scoffed that they are "known far beyond the borders of bamberg for keeping their promises".

Last but not least, metzner also answered the most frequently asked question in bamberg and the surrounding area: will strong run for mayor again?? Metzner's cinematic answer: "I don't know. But one can only say, in the spirit of casablanca: do it again, andi!' hopefully no ingrid bergmann will stand in his way…"