The eltmanner realschule lives high moral values

"You could change the world and make it more beautiful. As a mother, I'm happy when my children attend a school that does more than just impart knowledge. Today, you are the first school in lower franconia to be awarded the title of 'fair trade school'." Maria zettelmeier from the one-world store in eltmann was not shy about expressing her pride.

The young people at the wallburg-realschule in eltmann experienced a special day – they received two awards at the same time for being a "fairtrade school" and the "school without racism – school with courage. At the "open house show that you live the goals and criteria for the awards in the school day.

Two prominent godparents
Principal hendrik heckel is pleased that his realschule students experience value appreciation. By the way, also through two prominent sponsors: children's book author paul maar once said: "racism out of children's books". He criticized: "the books i brought home and read to my children, i didn't like any of them. They were dusty and conventional and partly still breathed the spirit of the third reich." Paul maar is best known for his sams books.

"Because of his commitment to fighting racism and his courage to stand up for it, our schools asked him to become their sponsor.", said principal hendrik heckel. What he did.

The second sponsor, auxiliary bishop ulrich boom, is actually a "normal priest" has been and became based in 2002, heckel continued. In protest against a rally of the NPD youth organization, he had let the bells of the church of st. James ring for 20 minutes, so that the rally had to be broken off. For this he received the "aschaffenburg courage award" receive for civil courage.

Boom has been auxiliary bishop of the wurzburg diocese since 2008; he has also been named "don camillo frankens" called. His courage and his commitment against exclusion and racism were the reason for appointing him as a godfather.

Justice is what pays
Suffragan bishop ulrich boom congratulated and was happy about his sponsorship. During a recent visit to africa, he realized, as he described, that peace can only be maintained if there is justice on earth. It is simply not right to discriminate against another person on the basis of religion, skin color and other factors. "This is also important in school and we should learn that peace comes into the world when we have a rough and wide heart. And where people talk differently, we should also say something against it. Period, basta."

Paul maar knocked on. "I saw in the foreign people, and then the strangeness immediately dissolved", he said. On his "flying camel" tour four germans, two turks and two friends from iran accompany him musically, and now a jew has joined them. "This is a real unity, and that has been ideal."

The five school representatives maximilian bauer, anna stappenbacher, nicolas arvanitis, christian reinhardt and tim grubert showed what spirit prevails at the school. With boards and symbols of neo-nazis and the band "storkraft" they came on stage. Tim said "many let the right out of sight or watch idly as the neo-nazi scene becomes more popular again. But it is precisely through this inaction that right-wing groups are gaining more and more popularity."

Anna demanded: "this is how we want to confront the right and especially at our school we don't want to give any form of racism a chance." Kosta recalled that one of the former school representatives, nick kuchler, drew attention to this issue. He was able to inspire everyone for this school project.

Maxi pointed out that "racism and exclusion do not stop at schools. In order to live up to our school title, we as a school family wanted to send out clear signals against violence and discrimination."

Sponsorship for children
Christian referred to the godchildren soukeyna in senegal, anu in india as well as noriel in the philippines. "We enable them to attend school. In addition, we have already been able to establish our partner school st. Equipping helena in sudinia with an electricity generator. On the one hand, this makes us more aware of cultural differences, and on the other hand, we can help to ensure that at least individual children and young people in these countries are given the chance to receive an education."

Together they want to oppose discrimination and racism, xenophobic jokes or swastika graffiti at the school and seek an open discussion of the topic. Education officer zehranur aksu from the school network "school without racism – school with courage emphasized that this is an issue for everyone on a "very small" scale, starts in the heart and in the classroom and you have to show courage. She handed over the rough "school with courage" plaque. This award is a treasure.

Ninth grader annika giser explained how the awareness of fair trade started in the seventh grade in the geography class. The sale during the break, lectures and presentations on child labor had aroused even more interest. In the meantime, there are candy bars and only fair trade coffee in the teachers' lounge.

Hanna ruther from the transfair organization was, as she said, a gross commitment: "you are quite far ahead with this award and even top in lower franconia … It is great how this fair trade is lived here in the school." She was pleased to present the 9a class with the "fair trade school" award.