Team of trainers offers more opportunity than risk

Of course, some club fans could not understand how dieter hecking left nurnberg without a word and moved to wolfsburg. But perspective, family and probably also the money were simply too powerful for him to refuse.

Now the 1. FCN now has to start the second half of the season with the new coaching team of michael wiesinger and armin reutershahn, and – to paraphrase wowereit – that’s just as well. Many old coaches such as babbel, rangnick or stevens had been on the market, but the club opted for two largely blank slates.

With this step, the club was indeed courageous, but ultimately only consistent. The club repeatedly relies on players from its own youth – due to empty coffers. And again and again they make the permanent leap into the professional cadre. Not least a credit to the youth coaches, such as wiesinger was.

The new coach is therefore a chance for the club to continue working on the successful FCN youth concept. Furthermore, the club seems solid enough to cope with a change of coach in the middle of the season.