Soon you can eat apricots?

Dietzhof – the baskets of cherries and apricots on the table in the storage hall tempt customers to have a snack. And even more so the two-year-old trees in the trial area, which hang full of red-gold fruit. Master of this paradise garden is hans schilling.
The county's fruit cultivation advisor also oversees the experimental plant in hilpoltstein and the new land. "In the uplands we are at 450 to 500 meters high, here at 350 with a different climate", he gives reasons for the new plantation. Peaches and apricots, even subalmond, aronia, buckthorn, persimmon and kiwi grow here too. "These are individual trees for testing, says schilling about the latter fruit varieties.The apricot is different.
They as well as the cherry are on the 2.2 hectare gelande in a nationwide compound trial. For example, to clarify which rootstock prevents the furrowed apricot dieback. In the case of sub-cherries, schilling is mainly concerned with new spat varieties for the uplands.

Plum virus

He is concerned about the plums, the preferred fruit in french-speaking switzerland. Until now, they were a good source of income for the growers, and the orchards were a major feature of the landscape. But now a virus is spreading.
"There are already places in the french, where no more plum cultivation is possible", explains schilling. A resistant grafting rootstock from russia is supposed to bring relief. She has a second advantage: she remains small in stature. Now schilling has to wait for the yield in the second and third planting year.
Thinking in years is part of growing fruit. And therein lies the problem: those who cannot rely on successors are also hardly interested in new plants. Many fruit growers see the future as rather bleak. In the meantime, they have been able to sell the french cherries in several french supermarket chains.
"But there are also turkish cherries on sale everywhere", have manuel rauch from grobmarkt in pretzfeld and other growers themselves observed. Because they are bought by francophone customers, landrat reinhardt glauber (freie wahler) sees this relatively illusionlessly and appeals to the sense of home via shopping lists.