Rocky, the racing mouse

Rocky, the racing mouse

Here I am! Flit, flit, flit. Here I am! And now I'm here on the left! Uff, I can sit still not so good, I must admit. I prefer to cruise through the area. Oops, i haven't introduced myself yet: my name is rocky. I am a gerbil, and you can often find me in the newspaper now. Because i'm such a good runner, the newspaper people invited me to give children and adults tips on how to get fit again after the long winter. And fit I am. I am a running mouse. My ancestors come from mongolia. This is a neighboring country of china. There lives my very coarse family. We all hang out together, we don't like to be alone. Because we live in steppes and cattle, we are also called cattle racing mice. The floor can get hard. Have you ever burned your fube while running barefoot?? Ouch, that hurts! That's why we have hair under our feet. Great, what? That would be but also what for you people in the summer!

If rough animals or people come, we run away very fast though. We can run up to 20 kilometers per hour for a very short time. It's as fast as a moped! By the way: we have another super trick: if a bosewicht grabs us by the tail, we just run on without it. There you look, what?! I can't teach you this trick, but I can teach you how to become a good runner. So, read the newspaper and let's go.

Profile name: rocky

species: mongolian gerbil

family ties: i am more related to hamsters than to mice

home: mongolia in asia

favorite food: i am a vegetarian and i like cereal grains, grass and herb seeds, fruits and herbs the most. In the desert I get along with little water.

Family ties: we gerbils live together in groups of about 20 animals. We don't want to be alone.

Top speed: if i have to run fast, i can run up to 20 kilometers per hour for a very short time. That's as fast as you can pedal on a bicycle.

Kafig: I can't be put behind bars, I'll get sick and unhappy because I can't run. Isa