Regional management wants to whet people’s appetites for the coburg region

From the application of the "coburg christmas land from the signposting of new cycle paths to the organization of the "cinema summer", from the alliance against the right to the alliance for the local sausage: stefan hinterleitner admits that the variety of topics he has been involved in since the 1. October 2010 as regional manager together with his team, is enormous. But this cannot and should not continue, if the regional management coburger land, initially limited to three years, wants to start its second phase in october 2013. "We will reduce this giant robbery to the leading projects", stefan hinterleitner now announced.

Enjoyment days 2013 in sonnefeld?
District administrator michael busch (SPD), who chairs the supervisory board of regionalmanagement gmbh, has already made it clear which three areas he considers particularly important: marketing coburg as a region of enjoyment, a bundling and strengthening of educational offers as well as the complex energy transition/climate protection. To what extent the area of tourism would continue to play a role within regional management in the future would have to be determined by further discussions with tourism coburg – although hinterleitner already had a few ideas.

Thus to the three topics mentioned by busch, which have the potential to become "leading projects" have. First: the enjoyment region. The "from the region – for the region" project has, according to hinterleitner, already left "sustainable traces" leave. After the successful premiere of the "coburger land enjoyment days in rossach a new edition is firmly planned for next year, probably in sonnefeld.

Gift basket in planning
in addition, it is intended to present itself with individual market stalls of local direct marketers at various other festivals; inquiries have already been received from rodental and gauerstadt, for example. The regional management also wants to participate in the development of a regional market in bad rodach. And: a gift basket with specialties from the entire coburg region is to be designed, which can be purchased at several locations in the city and in the district. So far, there is only a gift basket with "ingredients" from the rodach valley, which is also only available in the village store heilgersdorf.

In a second and third stage, the idea of "from the region – for the region" is to be implemented but still go far beyond local food and drink. For example, there are plans to create a platform for household-related crafts and services. The regional management cooperates with the federation of self-employed persons.

An elearning competence center
coburg schools and the university are partners in the field of education. Concretely, the establishment of an "e-learning competence center" is being considered; the aim is to use the possibilities of the internet and other new media in education and training. In addition, the regional management wants to establish a "literacy alliance" bring to life. "If you break down nationwide statistics, about 4,000 working people in our region are not confident in their ability to read and write", says stefan hinterleitner "and we can't afford that!"

Anyway, one of the basic themes of the regional management is to promote the local living and working environment to keep the region attractive as a place to work, or to make it even better known, even outside the region, what advantages the supposed province has to offer. For example, it will work closely with companies and the chamber of commerce and industry to help recruit skilled workers and managers. Because often an interested person likes the specific job, but then the decision is made to actually move – possibly with partner and family – the center of life to the coburg region. According to hinterleitner, this is where the regional management comes in and tries to make the coburg region "tasty" in a variety of ways (brochures, websites, gift booklets) to make.

The alliance against the right, which was co-initiated by the regional management, is also important in this context. "Companies have told us that they will no longer be able to get managers if the region has even a hint of a brown attitude", declares michael busch.

Climate protection manager is coming
Regional management can and will also help in shaping the energy turnaround. Among other things, a roof top cadastre is being considered, which will show where photovoltaic systems can still be installed. In addition, the climate protection manager envisaged in the joint climate protection concept of the city and district of coburg is to be based at the regional management. Stefan hinterleitner's team will grow from one and a half positions to two and a half.