Reading is fun

Reading is fun

Reading is fun. This is what the volunteer reading mentors from the BRK multigenerational house in habfurt know. In the meantime, seven of them travel to the franz-ludwig-von-erthal school in habfurt every week to pass on the joy of reading to the elementary school students.

In the new school year, the committed will again meet new schoolchildren. This is always exciting for the reading mentors. "Some children are more restless, others are shy. Some learn quickly, others need more time", says edeltraud baur from habfurt, one of the seven active reading mentors.

When asked why she is involved as a reading mentor, irmgard nothling, a retired teacher, answers: "children are our future, and educational ability and participation in society depend on well-developed reading skills." "In the past few years, it has been noticed that elementary school students need more and more practice in reading, so the 1:1 support provided by the reading mentors is a valuable addition to the regular lessons, according to the teacher of the 2. Class at the forderschule, cornelia troster.

Close contact

The fact that the seven volunteers always accompany the same class each week is helpful for the teachers, because they are in close contact and always discuss with the reading mentors what is to be taught. On the other hand, the elementary school students build up a relationship of trust with the reading mentor, so that sometimes topics from everyday life such as hobbies, favorite movies or personal well-being are also addressed. "It’s a silent agreement that you just listen here, too", according to the reading sponsor rita wohlleben from habfurt.

Up to now, it has mainly been senior citizens who have taken on reading sponsorships. But the 19-year-old jakob roder, a federal volunteer at the MGH, can also advise younger people in particular to take part in this project, because as a reading mentor he has learned to explain things in a way that is appropriate for children, to cheer them up and to be a role model. "No one will ever take this experience away from me again", so roder.

The gratitude and appreciation of the students for their reading mentors could not be overlooked during the entire school year, as well as the joy and motivation for the "reading lesson" was to be traced week by week