Queen vows to persevere in corona crisis

queen vows to persevere in corona crisis

Queen elizabeth II. In a historic speech, called on the british people to persevere in the coronavirus pandemic – and gave them courage.

"We are fighting this disease together," said the 93-year-old monarch in the eagerly awaited address broadcast on sunday evening. "If we remain united and determined, we will overcome them," the queen said.

Apart from the traditional christmas addresses, this is only the fourth such speech by the british head of state, who has been in office since 1952. Previously, elizabeth II. 2002 addressed to the british at the death of her mother, queen mum, as well as before the funeral of princess diana in 1997 and during the gulf war in 1991.

It was a nuchterner performance. The queen wore a green dress, a simple pearl necklace and a matching brooch. Unlike her christmas speeches, there were no pictures on the table next to her, only a porcelain dish of red flowers.

"I am addressing you at a time which, i know, is increasingly challenging," said the queen. "A time of disruption of life in our country; a disruption that has caused grief for some, financial difficulties for many and tremendous changes in our daily lives for all of us."

She recalled her first radio address in 1940. At the age of 14, she and her younger sister margaret sent a radio message to children who had been taken from the cities to the countryside because of german air raids. Families were also separated from each other at the time, the queen said. "Today, as then, we know deep down that it is the right thing to do," she said. But better days will come, we will be united with our friends, we will be united with our families". We will meet again."

She thanked the staff of the national health service NHS and other helpers. Everyone who stays at home now helps to protect lives. She hoped that "the qualities of self-discipline, quiet, courageous determination and compassion still distinguish this country," the queen said. "And those who come after us will say that the brits of this generation were as strong as ever."Everyone, she hoped, could be proud in the future of how they had responded to this challenge.

The speech was recorded at windsor castle under strict precautionary measures, according to the british news agency PA. The queen and her husband, 98-year-old prince philip, had already retired there in mid march. The pair is considered particularly at risk from the lung disease covid-19 because of its advanced age.

The british ministry of health recorded 708 deaths on saturday, the highest ever number of deaths in a single day. Among them was a five-year-old child. A total of 4934 people died of the lung disease covid-19 in british hospitals, according to figures released by the ministry on sunday. Tested positive for the coronavirus by then were 47.806 people.