Mude make us all seasons

Mude make us all seasons

I just received an e-mail from the weatheronline press service, warning of the autumn blues. Because it’s dark longer, our body produces more of the sleep hormone and less of the good mood hormone, experts reveal. The consequence: in the end we are mude(r).

It will certainly get worse in winter and grow into a formidable depressive mood – after all, it is even darker (and – brrrrrr – colder) there.

That there is the spring mud is certainly nothing new. Again, the body’s own messenger substances are to blame, which are still so imbalanced that – according to science – we need (or can need) days and weeks before everything gets back in order.

Finally – you’ve probably guessed – there’s the summer mudiness: temperature fluctuations, intense heat… – well, you know. So basically, all seasons have some kind of tiring effect on us.

So, wake up! – let’s enjoy the last sunny weekend of late summer and get some exercise in the fresh air: walking, jogging, hiking, biking – everything makes sense and will definitely help to get rid of the (year-round) mugginess. Have fun!