Marienweiher belongs to the top teams?

marienweiher belongs to the top teams?

By our employee
christopher wohlfart

Kulmbach – the SV marienweiher invites to the top match of the fubball-A-class 6 kulmbach on sunday (3 p.M.).FC ludwigschorgast, who had to leave the top spot to ATS kulmbach for the time being after two draws in a row, is the guest of the sixth-placed team (17 payers).
However, the team of player-coach christopher schubert has got a euphoria steamboat after four victories in a row. SV fortuna untersteinach suffered an unfortunate 2:4 defeat. "We really wanted to win in untersteinach to give us a good starting position for the game against ludwigschorgast", says christopher schubert, who nevertheless feels no pressure ahead of sunday's duel. "We can act liberated and don't need to hide. The whole club is looking forward to the home game because it's also a little derby and a week later we have our kirchweih", stresses schubert, who can draw on almost his full complement of players except for defender sebastian birner.
For schubert, who is slightly banged up, nothing has changed in the season's goal. SV would be satisfied with 3rd to 5th place in the table, promotion is not a must.

Getting back on track

FC ludwigschorgast is still undefeated, but recently had to settle for two draws. Florian gogolok, the player-coach and goal-saving goalkeeper of his team, therefore demands an away victory in the monastery town: "it is an important game that we want to win at all costs in order to get back on the winning track. The last two draws have hurt us doubly in view of the long-distance duel with ATS kulmbach. We definitely want to get back on track", demands gogolok, who will play without a splint for the first time after his thumb injury.
With the exception of kevin strohlein, the FC has all its men on board. In addition, according to florian gogolok, it was finally time to win against a top team like SV marienweiher." Whether gogolok's assessment of the opponent is correct will be seen on sunday.