Intensive training paid off

The volunteer fire departments from strossendorf and weidnitz were able to demonstrate their readiness for action as three groups successfully passed the fire department performance badge.

After there is already a good cooperation between the fire departments of weidnitz and strossendorf in the area of the newly created alarm units, the fire department comrades had decided to take the fire department performance badge together once again. In the case of the weidnitz fire department, this was preceded by the acceptance of the fire station and all units by the district fire inspectorate. Again, the firefighters were able to meet the requirements in terms of training and equipment.

For the acceptance of the achievement badge then equal three groups on the dorfanger of strossendorf found together, in order to put their fire-brigade-technical training under proof. Under the attentive eyes of the jury, each of the three fire brigades fulfilled the requirements, so that in the end the successful examination could be announced by the members of the jury.

First mayor robert hummer, also on behalf of his colleague christine frieb, warmly congratulated all the participants in the examinations and praised their commitment. The municipalities can only provide the vehicles and equipment, stressed hummer, filling the fire department with life and ensuring the safety of the population, these are the tasks of the volunteer fire departments. He asked everyone to continue in their efforts to provide competent and rapid assistance to people in need and promised continued support in the field of firefighting.

The pit of the district fire inspectorate of lichtenfels and congratulations to the successful firefighters, pronounced district fire chief thilo kraus. At the same time, he thanked everyone for their voluntary firefighting service in the year that was coming to an end. With the jointly passed examination, district fire chief kraus also saw the alarm units created within the framework of the fire department requirements planning, as in this case between weidnitz, strossendorf and zeublitz, on a very good path.

Thanks to the hardworking trainers

For the participating fire departments, commander daniel domes of the volunteer fire department of strossendorf expressed his thanks, whereby he also mentioned marion berthold and heinrich weinmann by name, under whose leadership intensive and, as it now turned out, successful work was carried out in the past weeks. The day was brought to a successful conclusion with the presentation of the performance badges at the various levels. D. Radziej