Hedwig weis turned 90

Is it the healthy food with products from her own garden and the sometimes hard work that goes with it that is the elixir for a long life for hedwig weiss?? On friday, the senior citizen celebrated her 90th birthday in the knetzgau district of wohnau with a fresh mind. Birthday. She looked back on her life with gratitude. The deputy district administrator oskar ebert, knetzgau’s mayor stefan paulus and community advisor ilse waldenmeier also congratulated her on her anniversary.

Hedwig weis, nee stahl, saw the light of day on 8. November 1929 the light of day in oberschwappach. She grew up on her parents’ farm with a sister and a brother, who is already deceased. She knew the hard work from an early age.

The father was a self-employed tiler and stone maker. The jubilarian can still remember the time when she helped out in her father’s business: "we used to bring the gravel from theres to oberschwappach with a team of cows so that it could be processed further."

In 1954, hedwig stahl married erwin weis from wohnau. The marriage remained childless. After the wedding, hedwig weis moved to wohnau and dedicated herself body and soul to life as a countrywoman. Together with her husband, she worked on the farm that was taken over by her parents-in-law. "There was always a lot of work and never a vacation", the jubilarian remembers. She and her husband, who died 13 years ago, obviously only knew vacations from brochures. These were difficult times, especially during the war years. "I preferred to work a lot rather than have to experience another war", she tells.

But those were also good times, which the jubilarian looks back on with gratitude. Until 20 years ago she ran her own vineyard in wohnau. Moreover, the milk collection point of wohnau was in their care for many years. To compensate for the hard work in agriculture, they found mube at the near. Today, the jubilarian is taking it easy and is happy about the loving care she receives from the extended family of her niece, monika kraus. Cr