Haas-gasse in hochstadt is being dug up again

Six years have passed since the dr.-haas alley in hochstadt’s city center has been completely redesigned. At present, the cul-de-sac covered with concrete pavement is already being dug up again. The reason: a dilapidated 20-kv power cable.

"If we knew that, we would have renewed the cable at the same time", says esther knemeyer, press spokeswoman for bayernwerk AG today. This company – a wholly owned subsidiary of eon, by the way – is now also responsible for the infrastructure of the power grid in the city of hochstadt.

At the time, however, there was no reason to replace the cable at the same time as the strabe was being rebuilt. After a recent storm, however, the renewal of the cable is now inevitable.

From the transformer station on the graben to the station at the brewery on the edge of the engelgarten, the cable has to be dug up in order to be replaced. According to press spokeswoman knemeyer, 210 meters of cable are affected. For the grid operator bayernwerk, this action costs around 33,000 euros. Until the middle/end of next week the work should be finished.

Sweaty manual labor
anyone who looks around the construction site can see how easy it is to replace a power cable that has been laid in the ground. In the area east of the main road, a solid layer of asphalt will first appear under the granite paving, which will have to be removed by hand with a compressor.

Only under the main road and the staircase leading down to haas-gasse is an empty pipe laid for the power cable. On the rest of the track must be dug up. The technique of shooting empty pipes through the ground without digging could not be used in haas-gasse, a construction worker explained to our newspaper on the spot. "There are all kinds of cables everywhere."

Despite the defective cable, power comes out of the sockets at the residents’ homes. The double-fused power grid in our country makes this possible. In other countries, a long power outage would be the consequence.