Faster internet for municipal utilities to come

Faster internet for municipal utilities to come

With fernwasserversorgung oberfranken (O), thuga meteringservice from naila and stadtnetz bamberg as a subsidiary of bamberger stadtwerke, three partners have come together with a common goal: the creation of a fiber optic connection – also for fast internet – from eastern to western upper franconia, roughly formulated from hof via marktrodach and kronach to trainau in the district of lichtenfels all the way to coburg. As representatives of the three companies explained on friday, further steps could follow. In concrete terms, the company is already considering opening up the cities of kulmbach and bayreuth next year.

A little over a year ago, the three partners formed this cooperation to ultimately share the costs of an expansion. The three partners are investing a total of 1.7 million euros to increase broadband capacity in the region. Heinz kohler, the association's chairman, explained that O is making its existing empty pipe system available so that the fiber optic cable can replace the copper cable. O's sites will be better connected in the future, explained managing director markus rauh. This is necessary in order to take account of the high level of data exchange that is now taking place: "this will keep us on the safe side for the next few decades."

Direct connection is necessary

Hans jurgen bengel, managing director of stadtnetz bamberg, made it clear that a direct connection between various municipal utilities in upper franconia, including the one in bamberg, was necessary for the future. "We then went looking and found that there were almost no fiber optic connections in the region." That's why the alliance with the other two partners was entered into.

The managing director of thuga meteringservice, peter hornfischer, emphasized the synergy effects. Where O has no empty pipes, his company is pushing ahead with broadband expansion. For municipalities along the route, there is also the possibility of using the fiber-optic cable to provide better service to their own citizens. In this context, peter hornfischer pointed out that the state of freestate is supporting municipalities with broadband expansion with up to 500.000 euros supported.