Brazil demands explanation for london arrest

brazil demands explanation for london arrest

Antonio patriota, minister of the interior, announced that he would speak with his british counterpart william hague on monday about david miranda’s nine-hour detention at heathrow. Greenwald is under scrutiny for his collaboration with u.S. Intelligence thug edward snowden.

The U.S. Government, which wanted to put snowden on trial for his revelations about the spy programs of the american and british intelligence services, denied any involvement in the incident in london. "The united states is (…) not involved," weiben house spokesman josh earnest said in washington on monday.

Brazil’s eagle minister patriota declared that miranda’s temporary detention was unjustified. "I expect that it will not happen again," he said, according to the news agency ABR. "We continue to experience some excesses and aberrations in the issue of the fight against terrorism," he added. But this fight must be based on the principles of multilateralism, international law and rationality.

Miranda had called on monday on his arrival at the airport of rio de janeiro the brazilian government to react against his arrest at the london airport. "I expect the brazilian government to do something, because people don’t know what is really happening," he explained, as reported by the newspaper "folha de sao paulo".

The 28-year-old marketing student was interrogated by british security agents for nearly nine hours in london on sunday. He was not allowed to consult a lawyer. The british invoked an anti-terrorism law that allows arrest without a court order and without the right to legal counsel.

"I was kept in a room where (scotland-yard) agents went in and out to take turns questioning me," he said. "They questioned me about my whole life and took my computer, videogame, cell phone, pen drives and camera."The brazilian said he had not been threatened or treated aggressively.

In rio de janeiro, miranda was received by greenwald at the airport tim jobim (galeao). He had only made one stopover in london on his flight home from berlin, where he had met a journalist from the british newspaper "the guardian". Greenwald called the incident an "incursion on the press". He will respond with "even more aggressive" reporting, he said.