Accident with coach from lower franconia: six injured on the a9 motorway

Accident with coach from Lower Franconia: six injured on the a9 motorway

Six people were injured in an accident with a tour bus on highway 9 in upper bavaria on sunday in langenbruck (pfaffenhofen district). Two cars were also involved in the pile-up, the police reported.

According to initial investigations, a 24-year-old driver in the middle lane had noticed an exit too late, put his car in front of the bus and braked abruptly. There was a clash with the bus from the district of aschaffenburg, in which 24 people were sitting.

While the alleged causer got away with the scare and a sheet metal damage, four travelers were slightly injured. In addition, the bus, which had veered off the road, collided with another car, the driver and passenger of which were also slightly injured.

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the police expected that all injured people could leave the clinics still on sunday. The uninjured passengers were taken to a nearby guesthouse for the time until a replacement bus arrived. The total damage is 30.000 euros.