To wear out: the drinking water in untersteinach

To wear out: the drinking water in untersteinach

Fetching drinking water in canisters from the next coarser place. This is commonly associated with conditions in africa, for example. But this is still the case today, right in front of our doorstep: in untersteinach, a district of the steigerwald municipality of burgwindheim. There, the approximately 125 residents in the 33 estates supply themselves from their own wells. But their water quality is demonstrably so bad that the authorities have been calling for a different solution for years. This could consist in a retrofitting of the wells, or a decentralized solution, i.E. A communal supply from the best wells, or a connection to a centralized water supply.

The community has been trying to achieve the latter for a long time. After the majority of the people from untersteinach voted for it two years ago. In itself, the connection should not be a problem, since we have belonged to the auracher gruppe water association since 1978.

And according to their expansion plans, the connection to untersteinach is planned for 2015. But time is pressing. Finally, the department responsible for drinking water at the district office is pushing for a solution that will ensure sustainably good drinking water in untersteinach. Since well users have to have their water tested once a year and report the results to the district office, this is a good overview of the situation.

It is clear that the people of untersteinach do not want to fulfill the conditions now demanded or that they do not want to spend. Can. At the meeting of the market town council, they made it clear that they would not now have to pay around 10 million euros each.000 in new filters and water sampling for their wells, if they have to pay water production contributions in two years.

So the time is pressing. For this reason there had already been several discussions and the aurach group had commissioned a firm to plan the connection. The total cost of the project is around 550 euros.000 euros, and 250 euros were paid in contributions.000 euro financed, leaving a deficit of 300.000 euro remains. For an early, premature start of construction, the municipality of burgwindheim was granted this sum (300,000 euros).000) prefinance. However, they may not do so without interest. This means that the interest must also be reclaimed from the aurach group at a later date, according to the municipal supervisory authority.

Two residents do not want
Another problem is posed by kirchweg with its eleven adjoining residents. Because a part of the pipeline is to be laid in it, for which (and this is how it is usually done) the transfer of easements is required. All but two of the residents are willing to invest. According to the planning office commissioned by the association, a different route would have cost around 80 euros.000 euros more expensive.

The two affected residents do not want to talk to the municipality, mayor heinrich thaler (CSU) informed the market town council on request. It was further learned that one of them is afraid that the easement could possibly be transferred to third parties at some point in the future.

Thaler also loved to know that the construction of the water pipeline would have an impact on the expansion of the county road that passes through untersteinach, which was decided by the district. It was probably not built until the water pipeline was laid, so that a new road would not have to be torn up again.

Conditions can not remain
In the meeting the committee clearly stood behind the project, because the conditions in untersteinach can probably not remain so.

Uta von plettenberg, who is dealing with the matter at the district office, confirms that the authorities are pushing for an early solution, which would include a round table with the responsible parties and those involved."The connection is forced", explains the lawyer responsible for the health system.

After all, it can't be that drinking water has to be fetched in untersteinach, that quite a few liters have to run into the sewer until you can bathe or wash in reasonably bright water, and that water in the toilet flush box is the color it should be in the sewer and not in the schussel…