The county of coburg also benefits from the samba festival

the county of coburg also benefits from the samba festival

For rolf beyersdorf, the samba festival has always been something that should not be limited to the city of coburg: "from the very beginning, it was our goal to involve the region as well." And slowly the word seems to be getting around. The therme natur in bad rodach is this year for the second time a "proud part of the big sambafamily", as thermal spa manager stine michel says. A cooperation is growing that benefits all sides – the festival as well as regional tourism and, in the end, the visitors as well.

Regeneration after the party

For all intents and purposes, the samba festival has long been a regional affair: nine "nachtexpress"-lines bring visitors safely home to even the remotest corners of the county, the 1,800 coburg hotel beds are not enough at the front and the back by mid july. Because the parking spaces at the anger and on the land of the coburg gymnastics club are also fully occupied during the festival, many campers are now moving to bad rodach. There are in the "thermenaue" offers 68 parking spaces with all-round service. Therme and samba – a good combination, says rolf beyersdorf: "you can party in coburg at night and be rebuilt in bad rodach the next day."
For the "therme natur" the now world-famous samba festival is once again a first-class advertising platform. Four to five members of the therme team are out and about in the city on the days of the festival, promoting the only thermal spa in the coburg region – in bathrobes, of course. Stine michel female from last year: "with this we really stood out. That’s why we are happy about the chance to be part of it again this year."
Also this year not only the foreign visitors will benefit from the cooperation. Who in the promotional period from 1. July until 31. August his "samba-if you show your ticket or festival ribbon at the ticket office, you will receive a free samba cocktail. The small showcase has had an effect in the past year, reports stine michel: "this way, new guests have also found their way to us."
The way in which the foreign guests "samba" are invited according to beyersdorf, celebrating has changed decisively in the past few years. While a few years ago visits were almost exclusively limited to the three-day festival period, many guests now stay much longer. "The trend is for visitors to arrive one or two days earlier and stay one or two days longer", says the managing director of the event management company sambaco.
Because in the meantime also many samba groups stay longer, the increasing interest in "coburg and more" develops gradually becoming an organizational challenge for beyersdorf and his team. "If large groups suddenly want to stay until monday, we have a problem", explains beyersdorf and points out that in such cases the schools are no longer available for overnight stays. Because they stand "sambaco only available from friday to sunday.

Soder comes to the opening

Very freshly rolf beyersdorf and sambaco press speaker andi ebert got on tuesday the promise that minister president markus soder in any case on friday, 13. July, personally will come to the opening of the festival. Beyersdorf is "beastly" pleased about the high attendance and will for soder the official opening even slightly postpone. This will now take place at 21 o’clock.

In the spa there are "samba packages"

For guests arriving by motorhome, the "therme natur" offers an extra "samba package" for the first time this year at. Included in the price: two nights at the "thermenaue" mobile home park, two admission wristbands for the samba festival and one admission to the "therme natur" (natural spa) for two persons.
Premiere the samba festival is becoming a bit more international again: this year, for the first time in the festival’s 27-year history, a group from colombia will also be coming to coburg.

Date the samba festival will take place from friday, 13., until sunday, 15. July, instead of.