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A 47-year-old businessman had to travel a long way from lubeck on the baltic coast to stand trial on wednesday at the district court in habfurt on a charge of rent evasion. In october of last year, the master craftsman had business in the region and rented a room in a pension in the main valley for several days with two employees. He promised the landlady that he would pay the full price of 450 euros in cash on the day of departure. But he did not.

The door to the four-bed room was open, and there was no sign of the workmen, the 82-year-old landlady told the court. Her daughter, who was visiting from dusseldorf, advised her to file a complaint, since the missing amount of 450 euros was obviously not a small matter.

The defendant had given his name, address and telephone number when he ordered the room. When he received the notice, his wife promptly paid the outstanding amount, and the landlord withdrew the notice. But that did not end the matter. Since fraud is a so-called "official offense," the client had never intended to commit it the public prosecutor's office upheld the criminal order.

The alleged fraudster appealed, so that the main hearing was held at the district court in habfurt, and not only he but also the witness from dusseldorf were allowed to travel to beautiful france once again. In the dock, the entrepreneur stated that he had given one of his two employees the 450 euros in cash with which he was supposed to pay for the accommodation. He could not do it himself because of an urgent dentist appointment. However, the employee failed to pass on the money, the businessman explained.

Defense lawyer alexander wessel pointed out that it was a "damned fraud" would be, if the real address is given in the process. His client had never intended to commit fraud, the lawyer asserted. The court was persuaded by the defense's argumentation and closed the case. However, the businessman had to pay the lawyer's fees and travel expenses himself. The landlady has learned from the incident: since then she demands payment in advance.