Solar plant for the bunkers in the klosterforst

In principle, the committee had no objections "as long as the development is carried out exclusively on kitzingen land in the direction of the road between kitzingen and horblach", was the resolution proposed by mayor karl hochner, which was supported unanimously. However, if there is a change in the connection in such a way that the panzerstrabe on the eastern edge of the giltholz, which is on groblangheim’s territory, is used, "then we must be informed in good time, so the unanimous opinion in the council.

On the matter, there was the information that in the plant with 22 bunkers and a surface of about 11.57 hectares about 1300 kwp will be generated. From the construction plan it appears that there is no change in the landscape, because the plant is completely surrounded by forest. A fence is required "but it already exists and needs to be renewed at certain points", stands in the construction plan. It further states that the excavation is secured and is done through a federal private roadway. No other road is required for installation and maintenance of the solar system, he said.

Operator is the company high.Rhein real estate gmbh. Regarding the subsoil, it is stated that it is possible that explosive ordnance may be found and that there is therefore a latent risk to health: "if there is any need to intervene in the subsoil, investigations will be necessary", according to the relevant wording in the construction plan. Ww