Report: north korea moves two new missile launch pads

Report: north korea moves two new missile launch pads

This was reported by the sudkorean news agency yonhap on sunday, citing military sources. The recent relocation could be a sign that the communist country is pressing ahead with preparations for new missile tests.

After recent U.S. Offers of dialogue, north korea affirmed it was basically ready for disarmament negotiations, but would not talk about its nuclear weapons under any circumstances. There could be talks with washington about disarmament, wrote the official newspaper "rodong sinmun" (saturday). But a nuclear-free korean peninsula is not to be dreamed of, he said. The U.S. Had recently signaled a willingness to talk, but demanded that north korea take concrete steps toward nuclear disarmament.

The U.S. And south korean militaries have long had indications that north korea could launch new missiles, possibly including one or two medium-range musudan missiles with a range estimated at 3,000 to 4,000 kilometers. The missile is untested. The launch of a ballistic missile in north korea would be an intensification in the conflict over the north korean nuclear and missile program.

The order issued by the regime in pjongjang on 26. Marz remains in effect after all strategic missile units and artillery units have been put on high alert, yonhap quoted a military official as saying on sunday. "As long as the order is effective, there is a possibility of a missile launch by north korea."

The relocation of two additional launch pads to sud-hamgyong province was visible on satellite imagery, it said. North korea had already moved seven launch pads to the east coast at the beginning of april. Militaries speculated that north korea would now use the people’s army’s founding day on april 25. April could fire one or more missiles. Initially, it was feared that north korea would cancel the celebrations for the 101st anniversary of kim il sung’s birth. Birthday of the "eternal president" kim il sung on 15. April could use to conduct new missile tests. But a cruder military show of force had failed to materialize.

Tensions in the region have intensified significantly since north korea’s third nuclear test in february. In view of the expansion of UN sanctions and sudanese-american military incursions, north korea had, among other things, announced the 1953 armistice treaty.