Oldest local association in the district

After the keynote speech by CSU secretary general andreas scheuer (BR from yesterday), chairman klaus witzgall used the 70th anniversary to take a look at the history of the CSU local association. Over the past seven decades, the association has been "involved in many important milestones in stadtsteinach" been.
Witzgall particularly emphasized the term of office of former CSU mayor werner doll, who led stadtsteinach into the modern age. Doll has recognized tourism as an economic force and has initiated the construction of the outdoor swimming pool and the camping site. "In the end, personalities like werner doll or the later district administrator herbert hofmann have ensured that stadtsteinach has mastered the drastic changes of the territorial reform."
Stadtsteinach has the oldest CSU local association in the district, hans kostner and karl theodor zu guttenberg have been essential pioneers of the positive development, says the chairman. Today, the fight against terrorism is a special challenge.
Member of the bundestag emmi zeulner emphasized that the CSU stadtsteinach is a reliable partner: "i would like to thank you very much for that!" And looking at the secretary general she said: "andreas, if we get responsibility in the government again, then the further point on the mother’s pension must be included. I can speak from experience, but also mayor doris leithner-bisani knows that the education of a child is actually priceless."
CSU district chairman henry schramm spoke of a proud and hardworking local association. Werner reibaus