Merkel rejects schulz’s accusation of aloofness

Merkel rejects Schulz's accusation of aloofness

She is trying to "really live up to her oath of office – to serve the good of the german people," merkel said on sunday in the ZDF program "berlin direkt.". "And that means serving the people of the country."She enjoys her job. So it goes without saying that she is in competition with the head of the SPD. She faced the people in the election campaign, they then had to vote on 24. September make your decision.

Schulz had previously accused merkel on ARD television of being "out of touch" and out of touch with the citizen.

At the same time, merkel made it clear that she intends to run again as party leader at the next CDU election party conference in 2018. During the question-and-answer game about future headlines at the end of the interview, moderator bettina schausten asked whether there could be any truth in the line that merkel would stand for saarland minister president annegret kramp-karrenbauer as her successor shortly before the next scheduled CDU election party conference at the end of 2020: the chancellor said that this question was not being asked today. "I hope i’ll continue to be party leader then. And then let’s see."

Merkel has announced her intention to remain chancellor for another four years – until 2021 – if she wins the election.