Kastner’s remaining vacation: spd city councilor astonished

Kastner's remaining vacation: spd city councilor astonished

And namely, the criticism goes in the direction of the christian-social burger (CSB), who now demand that the city council resolution on the payment of the remaining vacation is suspended so petra schneider first of all states that the CSB only now, after the media have questioned the city council decision, speak of an insufficient information basis in the city council. "Can happen!", writes the SPD city councillor with a sufficient undertone. And with the words "oh well!" The SPD city councilor comments on the CSB accusation that no OB has ever reported his vacations to a political committee. Petra schneider is astonished that the CSB now wants to change this, since 75 percent of the CSB faction consists of lawyers. In the end, she describes the CSB group chairman's motion for a new regulation as "somewhat blue-eyed". After all, reporting the vacation to the senate would not have prevented the current dispute.

Petra schneider also says to christian muller: "as someone who wants to become OB, he should know that this task cannot be done in an eight-hour day if you take it seriously." When an upper burg champion "celebrates" his overtime the question arises as to whether he would still be active as such. "That's the problem here, not if, when or why vacation days were taken", writes petra schneider in her statement and ends with the conclusion: "i think this is a matter for the administration and not for politics. The government should also think about this – in practical terms." Ct