Insight into iran

At the political dammerschoppen of the european union hammelburg on tuesday, 11. April, member heinz ziegler will report on his trip to iran. The evening in the europahaus starts at 7 p.M. Ziegler trims his lecture to include his own powerful visuals.
Iran, formerly known as persia, was a great empire that stood on a high cultural level. The photos that ziegler brought with him bear witness to a vanished high culture. Militarily, the persians put considerable pressure on the romans in the east of their empire. Persia could not be conquered militarily by the romans in the long run. Persia’s wealth and culture radiated to europe in the middle ages.
Heinz ziegler sheds light on the difficult political situation in the islamic country that turned to the west under the last shah reza pahlavi. In a religious counter-movement led by khomeini since 1979, iran, which at that time was oriented towards the west, was transformed into an islamic theocracy. Power, politics and religion have been in the hands of religious leaders ever since.
Only recently the land opens up to tourism. Heinz ziegler was one of the first to take advantage of this opportunity to get to know the country, its people and its history on the spot and to document them photographically. The speaker brings current knowledge from the middle east to the europe house. In an interview with ziegler, the first ideas emerged in the european union’s executive committee to work out a trip to iran and put it out to tender. Guests – even non-members – are welcome at the APG event. Dieter galm