Hans michelbach on the compromise around the b173 bypass: “zeyern will probably not become a berlin airport”

"There will be a two-stage solution", says uwe zeuschel. The deputy director of the bamberg state building authority reported on thursday, when asked, about a crisis meeting held late wednesday afternoon to pave the way for the progress of the district of kronach’s rough construction site.

The result of the discussion between representatives of the building authority and the construction company leonhard weiss, which is responsible for earthwork and roadway construction, is a compromise. The company is to continue building in the disputed part of the construction site, other areas will be put out to tender again.

Background: work on the B173 bypass around zeyern came to a standstill in november 2017 after the building authority had served notice on the construction company’s contract. The reason given was "differences in the building contract" vaguely held .

The key to the success of the project were the tamping plates, which are intended to stabilize the subsoil and thus form the basis for further construction work. In may, an expert accepted by both sides was appointed to take measurements at the construction site.

Company takes over maintenance

As member of the bundestag hans michelbach (CSU) told our editorial team, the dispute between the construction company and the building authority was about the question of whether a special construction solution by leonhard weiss, which was not part of the contract with the building authority, could be accepted.

Michelbach: "the structural engineer of the building authority did not agree to it. The then appointed surveyor accepted the solution but in connection with the fact that the company will take over the warranty."

And that’s exactly how it’s going to be: the construction company leonhard weiss, whose headquarters are in satteldorf, baden-wurttemberg, and which managed the zeyern construction site from its bad mergentheim branch, is to continue with the earthworks in the disputed area between the already constructed bridges.

According to uwe zeuschel of the building authority, the company will present a conclusive concept for this in the next few days. "As soon as we approve the concept, the construction work can continue in october. We will get a stable road embankment", zeuschel is sure. Leonhard weiss did not want to comment on it.

According to zeuschel, the other stretch to be worked on will still be put out to tender in the fourth quarter of 2018. "The new tender has to be like this because of EU law. But in winter there is a good price level."

Zeuschel does not comment on whether the targeted completion date of the construction site in late summer 2019 can be met. "I am not a prophet. It depends on the bids we get in the tendering process."

"A good day for zeyern

"I’m glad that we’ve made a step forward and that it’s going to go further this year. This is a good day for zeyern", says marktrodach’s mayor norbert grabner (SPD). He thinks the current solution is a reasonable compromise.

He also thinks the winter is a good time for tenders. "We often do that too. Some companies want to plan the start of the new year safely and then offer good prices." For the approach of the building authority, first to clarify the differences with leonhard weiss and then to continue building, grabner expresses understanding. "There can always be complications in construction."

Hans michelbach, deputy for the coburg-kronach constituency, had recently criticized the building authority for the loss of time, but now agrees with the compromise that has been reached. "The liability is in place and the project is to be completed quickly. The construction office has contributed to a satisfactory solution." Especially that still 2018 is tendered, michelbach is pleased. "Zeyern will probably not become a berlin airport."

"Compromise found, to be continued in october. That’s fine with me, everything else doesn’t interest me because of my function", comments local member of the state parliament jurgen baumgartner (CSU).

"Executive branch executes laws"

"I am part of the legislature, make laws. The executive board. And I have great confidence in the state building department." Baumgartner stresses that there can always be delays in construction projects. "It was a great political feat that the bypass was built at all. This should not be forgotten."