Hammelburg’s fabulous wave riders

Hammelburg's fabulous wave riders

Alpenvolleys haching II – hammelburg volleys 2:3 (25:19, 25:22, 21:25, 16:25, 13:15). The team from saalestadt rides the wave of success and does not let itself be thrown off balance even by temporary setbacks. The hammelburg team remains unbeaten after its sixth matchday – and that after a 0:2 deficit at the upper bavarians, who with 17 points from nine games are one of the better teams of the 2. League may be counted. The volleys fans were able to follow their team’s game via livestream on their laptops and smartphones at home. Head coach cornel closca trusted the starting six from the leipzig game: laurentiu vinatoru started in the attack, while janick sill replaced the injured luca dierks in the middle block. But the saalemannen did not want to get going, too inaccurate especially the first ball, correspondingly disjointed the offensive play. Haching, meanwhile, did its homework in attack. With the volleys, especially the previous ease became a missing case.

Catastrophic service rate

In the second set, too, there was a high level of communication among the guests. The countless service errors, which made it impossible for the haching team to equalize the set, caused head-scratching on the home screens.

In the third set coach closca turned the personnel carousel, brought in the young hannes krochmann for veteran vinatoru and the even younger david baden, the day before still with the second team in the district league to net, for kapitan oscar benner on the diagonal. The desired impetus was initially absent, haching continued to build on what had been shown so far and remained tone-setting. At 16:11 for the home team, there was nothing to suggest that hammelburg would suddenly flip the switch and be wide awake in all parts of the team from then on. After a three-point and a five-point series, the scoreboard showed a hammelburg lead for the first time at 20:19. A double change at 21:21 and a strong fighting performance ensured the surprising connection.

Positive body language

It had probably exactly this dramaturgy of the play needed: finally it was again there, this positive korpersprache, this "bock on volleyball" gene on the hammelburg side. Highly concentrated and motivated were the closca boys now. Krochmann continued to lead the game, while oscar benner took a short break from the bench had obviously made good use of it and was now not only formally the captain. 16:10 was the hammelburger lead at the second technical time-out, the tie-break was in sight – and was forced sovereignly.

The final set was extremely exciting, and had to be interrupted for several minutes at 5:3 for haching due to an injured haching player who had to be treated on the court. Hammelburg fought their way back, so that at 7:8 the sides were changed for the last time. Both teams played a great game on a razor’s edge, but in the end the saalestadter were not only happy about two points, but after this success they are now the surprise team of the league.