From the crane to the cross

On the route from grobwenkheim to grobbardorf there is a visible change. After extensive restoration, the sandstone wayside cross that was damaged in an accident in 2018 is there again.

A regional workshop was responsible for the restoration. "We have tried, as far as it was possible and reasonable, to use the old parts again. But some had to be made new", said philipp zimmer from the natural stone company halbig from mellrichstadt, who together with his colleague thilo hildebrandt put up the cross again.

New meets old

Among the new parts pay a side part of the pedestal, the cross trunk and the crossbeam. The body of christ, from which the arms and legs had been broken off, was restored by the mellrichstadt workshop using special materials. A lot of feeling, exact eyesight and patience were needed, because the erection of the cross required millimeter-precise work. The spirit level was the most used tool in the process.

A place to pause

New is also the seating area, which was destroyed in the accident. Now the place at the edge of the road and the forest invites again to the contemplative stay. The owners, edwin and marianne fleischmann from seubrigshausen, wanted, like their children jutta and jurgen, "that the cross be restored and put up again at all costs" and are glad that the insurance company of the person who caused the accident will cover the costs.

Edwin fleischmann, born in grobwenkheim and married in seubrigshausen for 54 years, has a very special relationship with this cross, because his grandparents joseph fleischmann and anna, nee buttner, loved it at the beginning of the 20th century. The cross was erected at the beginning of the twentieth century, as can be read clearly on the reverse side after the restoration. Fate hit fleischmann’s grandparents hard. Three out of four children died right after birth and son linus was diagnosed with a life-threatening appendicitis when he was only one and a half years old. A doctor from munnerstadt then successfully operated on little linus in the kindergarten of grobwenkheim.

Out of gratitude for the unexpected recovery, joseph and anna fleischmann donated the cross on the road to grobbardorf. There stood already in earlier years a wooden cross, which did not withstand the weather in the long run however.

On the restored pedestal you can read: "crucified lord jesus christus! Have mercy on us and on the poor souls in purgatory." On the back it says: "donor joseph fleischmann u. Whose wife anna was born. Buttner 1918."