Fatal accident in gaggenau: suspect had been drinking

Fatal accident in gaggenau: suspect had been drinking

A car driver ran over a grandmother and her small grandson on a sidewalk in the town of gaggenau, baden, leaving the injured helpless.

The 54-year-old woman and the seven-month-old boy died after the collision. The police investigated a suspect and found the man to be under the influence of alcohol a few hours after the accident. But the 47-year-old denied involvement, according to the police and the public prosecutor’s office.

Because no eyewitnesses initially came forward to the investigators, they now have to reconstruct the accident on friday evening based on circumstantial evidence. From this monday on, an expert is therefore to look at the suspected car involved in the accident and the destroyed baby carriage.

The 47-year-old suspected driver was arrested about two and a half hours after the accident, but was released on bond. Blood samples will show how drunk he was and whether he had taken drugs. With a result will only be fair in the coming days. Officers are investigating the man for involuntary manslaughter and hit and run.

"Breath alcohol was detected," said case officer klaus hornung of the baden-baden traffic police to the deutsche presse agency on sunday. It is unclear when the 47-year-old had been drinking – before the accident or afterwards in the short time until his arrest. "There was a delay." Investigators were able to locate the man after the collision at a friend’s home in the gaggenau area.

Police had the 47-year-old in their sights so quickly because his car’s license plate was at the scene of the accident. "The vehicle is secured and in a garage," said hornung. An expert from dekra is to clarify whether the damage to the car corresponds to the injuries of the victims. Together with pictures of the accident site, which is located in a residential area in a speed 50 zone, it should then reconstruct the accident. "He surveys the accident sites and classifies the tracks." A computer program then produced an accident sketch. "From this you can calculate the speed," the investigator explained.

According to the federal statistical office, hit-and-run accidents involving fatalities occur only occasionally in germany – 68 times in the past year in 457,354 serious accidents involving injured drivers of cars and trucks. "That the driver makes off after such a serious accident, that is really rare," said a police spokesman on sunday in offenburg.

Because the suspect denies involvement and witnesses are missing, the investigators must interpret the traces. It is unclear, for example, whether the victims came to meet the car driver on the path running parallel to the road. Witnesses are urgently sought.

"Through the investigation so far, the minutes after the fatal accident and the escape of the alleged perpetrator can be understood only in part," said the police and prosecutor’s office. "The traffic police investigators are still missing important details about the seconds before the tragic accident."

First responders found the injured. The 54-year-old died on the way to the hospital. A rescue helicopter took the child to a hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries early on saturday. At the accident site, people laid flowers and put up candles over the weekend. The parents were cared for by an emergency crisis team.