Crash landing in san francisco: racism joke causes trouble

crash landing in san francisco: racism joke causes trouble

"Sum ting wong, wi tu lo, ho lee fuk, bang ding ow" was the headline on the KTVU news, next to a picture of the burned-out machine. Pronounced aloud, the names resemble a witty description of the accident: "something wrong, we too low, holy fuck, bang ding ow", in german: "etwas falsch, wir zu tief, heilige scheibe, bumm krach aua."Quickly the emporten comments piled up in the internet about the racist joke.

It was only during the current reporting that the station noticed the blunder and apologized to its viewers. Several mistakes were made, said moderator frank somerville. KTVU had neither spoken the names aloud nor asked for the exact position of the U.S. National transportation safety board (NTSB) employee who had confirmed the names to the station by phone.

The NTSB reacted a short time later and apologized for the "wrong and insulting" names in a press release. An intern had acted beyond his authority and confirmed the dubious names to the broadcaster. However, a spokeswoman for the NTSB told dpa on saturday that it was not clear which of the two sides had come up with the names.

Two 16-year-old girls died in the crash landing of the boeing 777 of asiana airlines last saturday. One of the girls was run over by a fire truck after the crash. But according to police chief greg suhr, it was still unclear whether anyone had been killed in the process. On friday, the death toll had risen to three after a girl succumbed to her serious injuries. Six injured were hospitalized, the hospital said, two of them were still in critical condition. The runway has been reopened in the meantime.