Color concept for the hannberg school is ready

The elementary school in hannberg will have a green facade after its renovation. Hebdorf councillors in their recent meeting decided on this variant, because it seemed to them less sensitive to weathering than orange paint, which the planners had presented as an alternative. A coat of arms in a different color could be applied to the coarse-flat gymnasium facade.

In the interior, a differentiation is to be made between the administration, after-school care and school areas. Individual building components are coordinated with each other. The school management favors a concept with the school area in the green shade and a walnut-colored after-school area, the municipal council agreed.

Structural work almost finished

A lot of other work has already been done, as you can see from the status report on the school renovation project. The structural work has been completed except for the remaining work, the demolition of the staircase and the earthworks have been started. The carpentry work has been completed, the roof waterproofing work has been interrupted due to weather conditions. In the sanitary installation, the rough plumbing has been completed except for one room. The electrical installation in the basement is underway, as is the ceiling installation on the first floor in coordination with the screed work.

The boiler has also been installed, but further work is interrupted because of the screed installation. Assembly of the ventilation system has been interrupted. In drywall construction, the walls on the first floor are covered with planks. In the interior plastering, the gypsum plaster in the classrooms is finished, the diamond plaster in the hallway, auditorium and music hall is in progress. The plastic windows have been installed; the solar control glazing has yet to be installed.

Damp wall discovered

However, there was an unpleasant surprise when the plaster was knocked off in the basement of the old building between the WC at the multi-purpose room and the basement corridor. It was found that the non-accessible wall is massively wet through. For the continuation of the work in this area is a sealing by "grouting" absolutely necessary, explained planner mario bodem. The extent of the moisture penetration was not apparent before the plaster was removed.

Several companies have been asked to do the necessary grouting work; two quotations with comparable execution techniques have been received. The most favorable bid was submitted by the company bautenschutz katz from rednitzhembach with a bid amount of 9987.43 euros. The offer of the katz company also includes a connection to the existing horizontal waterproofing and a special plinth protection, which is considered by the architectural office to be of higher quality. The board gave the company the go-ahead.