Bad bruckenau: discussion about the railroad cycle path

Dirk stumpe (PWG) had not wanted to make his request during the vacation period. Now the city council spoke about his request to build a demarcation between the bike path and the ancenis road. "The city council was not consulted about this change", criticized stumpe and spoke of a "massive planning error". He also cited the double 90-degree bend at the current mobile home park at the metal works as a source of danger.

Mayor brigitte meyerdierks (CSU) said she wanted to address these concerns. She stressed, however, that the planning complies with legal requirements. With photos, she demonstrated how, for example, in nordheim or unterleichtersbach, bike paths were directly adjacent to federal roads or former federal roads – also with curbs, and marked only with a simple white line. In response to the accusation that the administration had made an arbitrary decision, she said: "if it came about in such a way that we decided arbitrarily, then I’m sorry."

Unhappiness in all factions

The head of city hall further explained the background of the planning change. The city did not want to be deprived of the opportunities for urban development. Leo romeis, head of the department for infrastructure, tourism and finances, described considerations for renovating the sinnflut thermal spa. The unsatisfactory parking situation at the baths has been known for a long time. So the idea had arisen to build angled parking spaces along the narrow road from the RV park to the rock cellar. As an "option called romeis a bridge that could lead from there to the sinnflut via the bypass road. "These are all questions that still need to be answered", romeis made it clear that the administration had wanted to think ahead.

The rate was not really convincing. A "schildburg coup to the power of three" spoke heribert jakobsche (PWG). Benjamin wildenauer (SPD) called the whole thing a "paradox": "we are building a bicycle path and moving it to the worst possible place in order to create parking spaces." Third mayor dieter seban (CSU) also described the curve at a 90 degree angle directly on the road as "questionable". Traffic officer karlheinz schmitt (CSU) said that stumpe’s considerations could not be completely eliminated.

However, he considered the demarcation by a crash barrier or a strip of basalt gravel, as the mayor had brought up, to be an even greater source of danger. A fence was the only alternative among all bad means. The council also briefly discussed redesigning the entire site, but abandoned the idea due to the waste of taxpayers’ money.

Implementation remains unclear

"Facts have been created. A driving position has been created, said emanuel fritschka (PWG). The city administration had asked the planning office, which is working on the design of the railroad cycle path, for a proposal. Fritschka liked this proposal quite well. Stumpe, however, insisted on a firm structural boundary.

In the end, 15 rates backed stump’s motion. Only hartmut bos, thomas eigenbrod, manfred kaiser, dieter seban and mayor brigitte meyerdierks (all CSU) voted against. However, it remained completely unclear what this structural demarcation would look like and when it would be erected. The deadline for the opening of the railroad cycle track was the 26th of may. October. However, meyerdierks called this date "sporty".

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