At home it is best for beer

At home it is best for beer

For SV sickershausen and its coach thomas beer, it’s the last chance in the title fight: if the summit meeting in the A-class with DJK effeldorf is lost, the championship is decided and sickershausen will be second at most. However, beer does not like to talk about rough pressure. "It’s an end game. But in the worst case, all is not yet lost. We can still achieve relegation under our own steam."

The 40-year-old, who has experienced several promotions and relegations in his ten years and six positions as player-coach, is admittedly a little tense. That is normal as a footballer, he says. For him, it was certainly a special feeling to drive his hometown club into the district league of all places. Last summer he returned after several years away from home. "You have ambition everywhere, but at your home club it’s something else," he says.

Concerns that "the acceptance might not be there," as he says, were quickly dispelled. "I am not the authoritarian coach, I never was."In the weeks that followed, beer avoided playing the tough guy in training. Looseness and spab had recently paid more for him than overly wet-behaved appearances as a whip. This method seems to have borne fruit – he describes the mood of his team at this week’s practice sessions as "very good. We had 26 men at training."

There had been many a steamer this year. With defeats to sulzfeld II and mainbernheim, SVS initially swapped its role as favorite for that of a chaser. Now the team is back on track for success. "We left the standings to the side," says beer. "First of all, it was about simply having fun again. The 6:0 against repperndorf was very important for that. The boys are still going for it, and they still can."

Beers’ words of understanding for the rather bumpy start to the season after the winter break, during which the weather really got to the sickershausers. In the six weeks, "we trained on our field maybe three times, otherwise we practically just walked. Just one of the scheduled test matches actually took place. The training camp on ice and snow made a lot of fun, as well as the sessions in the fitness center with spinning and other similar practices. "But for a fubballer," says beer, "the ball at the fub is the most important thing."That’s also the reason why the 40-year-old almost always uses a ball in training.

Not only the winter made the sickershauser badly to create. No sooner had the team found its rhythm again than the schedule slowed down in april with two match-free weeks. "I called god and the world to get an opponent for a test match. But somehow that didn’t work out," says beer about his movements outside the square. Blob good that the injured performance guarantors martin kohler or timo held are fit again in time for the season’s final spurt.

Against effeldorf only timo tratschke will probably be absent on sunday. Beer expects a close game and does not believe in a safety summit like the 0:0 in the first leg. "It’s going to be about who makes fewer mistakes". Little things decide: who shows the first good actions, who takes the lead."The player-coach does not see any big advantages for any of the opponents.