6500 Euros for the hospice association

6500 euros for the hospice association

The wurzburg hospice association is pleased to have received a donation of 6500 euros. Birgit graber happily received the money and explained: "eight families had met in the summer to talk about organizing a christmas market again this year"." The consensus was quickly reached – and people were happy about the rough success.
A first meeting was held in july, and in september the final decision was made in favor of the christmas market – and the title "waldzauber" ("forest magic"). "We had a lot of helpers who worked before, during and after the market", remembers carmen goller. "There were a lot of people who baked cookies and made jam. And there were delicious homemade likore", laughs the co-organizer. "All the helpers came from mainsondheim", she proudly stated. "Everyone we asked was ready to help immediately. Without everyone’s efforts, our market would not have been possible", she is happy. "We had 160 platzchentuten, 80 lebkuchentuten and several advent wreaths that were sold." The response in mainsondheim and the surrounding area has been tremendous.
"Everyone agreed to leave the money raised here in the county and to donate it to specific projects", explained hubert schenkel. So the entire amount of 6500 euros was donated to the hospizverein wurzburg e.V. Donated. "We wanted to support needy people in a targeted way. So it was decided to donate the money to wurzburg." Carmen goller and hubert schenkel were very proud of the amount of the donation – and birgit graber from the hospizverein wurzburg e. V was visibly moved when she learned of this. "I was completely surprised and delighted by the size of the donation. The money will be used for training, education and further training of hospice workers within our association and for the support of the seriously ill and dying", she promised.