The “very last chance” for drug user


At first, it was believed that the intelligent-looking 22-year-old had set up a drug plantation in order to trade in the end product on a large scale, because 22 "marijuana-type" cannabis plants were found in his apartment made sure. In reality, he was like a hamster – the only difference being that he hoarded drugs instead of nuts.
In dried condition, the substance weighed a total of 127.1 grams – marijuana, which was of below-average quality with a THC content of 0.19 to 1.6 percent, and hashish of a total of 3.27 grams of THC with an active ingredient content of 6.8 percent, a total quantity of 4.8 grams of THC, thus a total active ingredient content of over eight grams of THC, which was of above-average quality. In addition, there were intoxicating utensils, which love a professional approach to the material.
"For me, at that time, it was about always wanting to have something to smoke", according to the schoolboy who had dropped out of school but is now trying to graduate from a technical high school. "I've been fooled too many times with the stuff I bought, so I went on the internet and ordered seeds and supplies to grow the plants myself." And: "i was really afraid that i could run out of smokes, so i made everything myself."
His girlfriend at the time couldn't stand it: he lived in a totally run-down apartment with some ferrets until the girlfriend had enough and moved out. "I set the wrong priorities", he admits today. Having come to his senses, he broke away from his former circle of friends and completely reoriented himself.
Now he goes to the FOS in bamberg and wants to do his vocational baccalaureate – according to the grades he can show, this vocational baccalaureate will even be a quite good one.

"In the area of crime"
Since that time he has also been living with his father and has been in drug therapy in st for several weeks. Getreu – not a long-term treatment, but a therapy that put him back on track.
The only thing left for the bamberg criminal investigator to do was to confirm the expert opinion that had been drawn up by the state criminal investigation office at his instigation. "I don't quite believe what the accused is telling us", dear prosecutor norbert spintler let it be known that he did not believe the story about exclusive personal use. After all, we were talking about a quantity of over 7.5 grams "and that put us in the criminal area", he admits today.
Since earlier juvenile sentences were not countable, only three previous convictions that he had committed as an adult were taken into account, including a custodial sentence for an intentional bodily injury. "The defendant committed the acts when investigations against him were already underway", said the accuser and claimed: "this was a professional rearing facility." He too, however, considered it a "last chance" a single sentence of one year and six months would be appropriate, which could be suspended for probation – but not for three years, but for four years. For the defense attorney marcus waffenschmidt, everything focused on the question of "personal use or trading?"
But "he has fallen into the trap of a dependency on narcotics", therefore he has a "regular stockpiling attitude" operated. "If he had traded, he had admitted it", the lawyer was convinced.
And the fact that he has sworn off drugs can be seen in his school performance, which his school has certified: "you can only achieve something like this with a clear head."

Favorable social forecast
While waffenschmidt had pleaded for eight months because of the favorable social prognosis, the court of justice upheld the sentence: one year and six months – suspended to four years, plus a work requirement. Also a regular drug control is obligatory for the schoolmaster.
"The quantities were already quite decent", said district court judge silke schneider. The defendant now has the very last chance to do it."