Shell of geutenreuth fire station completed after three months

The special thing about the geu tenreuth fire station construction is that the members did more than just their duty. The firefighters and the "craftsmen"", on which the carpenter raised the glass in each case are almost identical; which is already evident from the approximately 1,600 hours of work performed so far, which scribe alexander hofmann has noted down. This time sheet does not even include the time that second chairman markus herold, who was responsible for the entire planning, spent at the computer. Or the one for the static calculation that member ralf motschenbacher made for the coburg engineering firm knornschild.
Weismain’s second mayor, gabi huber, announced that the upper franconia government approved a grant of 46,500 euros within just twelve days of the application being submitted. After deduction of all own contributions, a construction sum of 99,000 euros is assumed. After the drafty structural work, the fire department wants to take a more leisurely approach. Although completion is planned for spring 2013, the fire station will not be inaugurated until the town firemen’s day, which is to be held in the village in 2014.